A Chatty Kid With His Head In The Clouds Became The One Of The World’s Best Entrepreneurs. This Is The Story Of JetSetFly

A Chatty Kid With His Head In The Clouds Became The One Of The World’s Best Entrepreneurs. This Is The Story Of JetSetFly

Josh King Madrid, AKA JetSetFly, has always been inspired and determined to accomplish his dreams. As a kid, teachers and other adults used to be convinced he was living in an imaginary world, but really he was just trying to create a world that he envisioned. This was the beginning of his entrepreneurial spirit.

“I started out as an average kid that had above goals, dreams and ambitions. Since as long as I can remember I’ve gotten in trouble for talking a lot. I’ve been in detention, got sent to the principal’s office and had parent-teacher meetings more times than I can count. Every single one of them regarding my inability to stop chit-chatting to other students about my goals and future life. I remember my teachers hearing my conversations and telling me that I live in an “imaginary world”. They failed to realize that we are God’s highest form of creation and every single human was given the ability to use their imagination for their greater good, which is exactly what I did. Today I reflect back to see just how every single one of those crazy “imaginary” scenarios came true. I realize the only difference between myself and the rest of society is the fact I executed on what it took to make these imaginative stories the story of my reality,” Josh King Madrid recounts.

To say that JetSetFly is an entrepreneur would be an understatement of all the amazing things that he has done. He is a founder and co-founder of multiple businesses, owner of digital software tools, and the mastermind behind numerous incredible ideas.

“I own multiple digital marketing software tools like FlyerFunnel as well as co-founder and business partners to dozens of multi-million dollar influencers and brands. When it comes to internet marketing, the backend systems and conversational chatbot automations that allow brands to rapidly scale are often neglected due to the complex knowledge and experience needed to implement them effectively. While most marketers and business owners view these online marketing skills as a foreign language, it comes as natural as my sixth sense to me which is what has allowed me to build automated systems that generate millions of dollars in sales every year for some of the biggest influencers and entrepreneurial brands. In each of my partnerships, I play the same role – I am the marketing mastermind behind all the upsells, retention point systems, marketing campaigns and social promotion strategies for mainly infoproducts, OnlyFans memberships, and apps,” JetSetFly states.

Any normal person would stop here seeing that they have numerous projects and businesses on their plate; not JetSetFly! Just like as a kid, he is always dreaming, thinking, and doing more than others around him. That is why, in 2021, JetSetFly is still in overdrive and thinking of new  selling methods to bring to the marketing world.

“I am director of marketing for the new Millionaire Mentorship app, a multi-faceted platform that provides business education to the masses through a state-of-the-art User Experience. Our mission is to give access to the habits, resources, and insight of millionaires by consolidating educational courses, creating inspirational content and connecting students with 6, 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs. I am in the process of securing a 10K+ sqft warehouse dubbed “The Big-Ass Treehouse” or for short “The BATHOUSE” where I will be working with 100’s of influencers launch, scale & manage their infoproducts and membership platforms like OnlyFans,” JetSetFly explains.

Despite what may seem like an easy path to success, JetSetFly has had his fair share of challenges along the way. His success makes him a target and a dangerous attraction to people who want to harm and extort him. This is exactly what happened a few years ago to JetSetFly.

The biggest struggle I had to overcome was after finding myself surrounded by people who were not in my circle to exchange value but rather to take as much value as they can. In 2019, I was extorted & robbed of nearly $500K by a group of individuals I worked with. A team of individuals I used to work with created “anonymous” Instagram accounts to stage & spread screenshots from fake DM conversations so they can blackmail me into paying them money by spreading false scam accusations. This group of individuals threatened to kill me if I retaliated back on social media.  A team of competitors in my niche teamed up with these individuals once seeing this as an opportunity to establish me as a common enemy so they can steal my customers. Long story short, I paid a multiple 6-figure ransom to put an end to their social media manipulation about me and moved to the middle of nowhere in pure isolation until I felt self again. Through God’s grace I survived and eventually won the legal battle in court, but the real battle I’m proudest of winning was the mental battle,” JetSetFly comments.

Despite what may seem like an easy path to success, JetSetFly has had his fair share of challenges along the way. His success makes him a target for those who want to take advantage of his willingness to give & naiveness that came with his young age of 20. This is exactly what happened a few years ago to JetSetFly.

“When I was hired as a marketing ambassador for my first couple of businesses, I was a stupid kid. I had a few rules for choosing a team to work with. They had to have an attractive brand on social media & they had to to have a skillset with tangible results (because that made them an trustworthy asset, right?). Maybe you’re already seeing the folly of my ways, but let me explain. Those aren’t good qualities to look for in partnerships. Instead, you want a business partner who: Has a personality that you can be around for extended periods of time, Is passionate about building the company you’re a part of, doesn’t have a shady history of countless trouble with law enforcement and lives by the principles of honesty & integrity.  I learned this lesson the hard way when I teamed up with a group of  entrepreneurs with shady backgrounds including ex-convicts.

I gave this group full access to my list of customers, brand, house & finances. It didn’t turn out so well.

They blackmailed me for nearly $500K and created “anonymous” Instagram accounts to spread fake DM conversations with false scam accusations & threatened to kill me if I retaliated back on social media. They persuaded our followers I was an enemy so they can encourage customers to chargeback on the company – just so they can offer discounts to those customers with their own services.

I knew that I wasn’t in the wrong nor was any of the false allegations spread about me reflect my actions or character –  so I posted a video on YouTube with all of the bank statements to look.

It cost me more than six figures, but eventually I won the legal battle in court and I left the company. Between getting robbed, paying their ransoms and the lawyer fees, this was a costly mistake. Through God’s grace I survived and overcame the damage done to my brand & income, but the real battle I’m proudest of winning was overcoming the damage it had on my confidence & ability to trust others. “

No matter what was thrown at him, JetSetFly did not let it slow him down. He bounced back like few others could. JetSetFly does not need to separate himself out from the crowd because there is no competition who could come even close to his pace and output of ideas.

“Success is a lot easier when you have zero competition. I have spent 4 years creating and mastering marketing with AIMBOTS, short for, Automated Interactive Message Bot systems. As of now, it is the world’s highest conversion viral product launch formula and available exclusively to brands I’m partnered with. You won’t find out how to replicate this on google, youtube or even Neil Patel’s blog. I’m not a fan of competition and like the idea of collaboration much more, so I made it my mission to develop an indispensable skill set to set myself apart from the crowd to give me the opportunity to be able to add value to virtually any business or brand that uses social media in the world in a way unlike anyone else could ever. The only competition I ever have to deal with is between the 7-figure and 8-figure brands on my waitlist to partner up with me so they can use my AIMBOT system in a profit-share collaboration,” JetSetFly comments.

To find out more about Josh King Madrid, you can visit his website here and check out his instagram @jetsetfly.

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