A Dental Hygienist And Social Media Star: Avalene Roberts Is Here To Dispel Bad Dental Habits

A Dental Hygienist And Social Media Star: Avalene Roberts Is Here To Dispel Bad Dental Habits

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to adapt in order to ensure that they are continuing to reach their needed market. This includes the dental office Avalene Roberts’ practices in, which has adapted to the times to ensure that people still are aware of their dental hygiene needs.

“I have been a practicing clinical Dental Hygienist for the past 15 years. With the Pandemic of covid19, I decided to provide educational content for people during quarantine. I have found a great combination of success and fun creating my videos for social media especially Tik Tok because the platform offers so many fun and creative tools,” 

As a dental hygienist, Avalene saw that the need for guidance on tooth issues and hygiene did not disappear just because the pandemic had stopped routine check ups. She saw a need to educate people on how to continue to take care of themselves even if it was simply through virtual methods, so she used her 15  years of knowledge and experience to create videos on social media.

“I saw how many people had questions about their teeth during the covid19 quarantine and observed how frustrated and lost many people felt as Dental offices around the world closed their doors. I had to do something. This is when I decided to ramp up creating content on my Tik Tok page because I knew that people will get a chance to see the educational content. Being able to provide so many people preventative dental education while having fun myself has really been a rewarding experience,” Avalene recounts.

In addition to helping others, Avalene was also inspired to begin her venture into these videos because of her love for her own patients that she was used to chatting with and seeing. She wanted to make sure they felt connected as well.

“I have been a practicing clinical Dental Hygienist for the past 15 years. Going into quarantine I missed my patients and I really want to help people. Using social media especially Tik Tok really gave me the tools to reach and educate so many people from all over the world,” Avalene says.

The importance of her videos has grown as many other people spread misinformation on what works to keep and make your teeth healthy. Avalene is here to ensure that people get the best access to dental knowledge based on her years and years of experience in the profession.

“There are so many non professional people creating videos on the topic of teeth and giving advice that might cause harm. Many people are being told that brushing their teeth with lemons will whiten the teeth when it actually will cause tooth erosion, sensitivity and may cause the teeth to become yellow,” Avalene comments.

For those hoping to start educating people and following in Avalene’s footsteps, her advice is to find the platforms that work best for you and your message in order to broadcast yourself in the best way possible. In addition, she says that mindset is crucial to success as well.

“My first advice for being an educator on social media is decide what platforms work best for you, get a ring light, be yourself and show up everyday. My second piece of advice is to make sure that you discuss something that you are passionate about and know your why. Knowing your why for doing something helps to keep motivation strong when you get super busy or time are though.

Mindset is important to me. I believe showing up daily and being available to answer questions and help people makes a difference. People genuinely want Dental health information,” Avalene advises.

To find out more about Avalene, you can follow here on instagram here and follow her on tiktok here.

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