A New Wedding Style For A New Kind Of Wedding, Motaniel Ngina Is The Wedding Designer For The Future

A New Wedding Style For A New Kind Of Wedding, Motaniel Ngina Is The Wedding Designer For The Future

On your wedding day, what do you expect to wear? Perhaps, you are thinking about the traditional style that has guided wedding wear for centuries. Ngina has been revolutionizing the style of wedding design since beginning his company Exodos Creatives. Instead of offering typical styles for the wedding days, he is working with the person directly to offer a unique style to match them.

“ ‘Exodos’ is a styling brand with a mission to provide & highlight unique stories, behind-the-scenes & luxurious experiences. We are mainly focused on bridging the gap between clients and designers in the wedding industry. We value the importance of creativity, relationships and leaving an impact through the ideas we bring to life. Our goal is to bring the best out of our clients with the help of various trusted designers/retail markets at a friendly cost.” Explains Motaniel

Motaniel’s services include numerous options for people who wish to revolutionize their style. He has differentiated himself from others by doing his research on other companies and making sure that he is nothing like them. He truly focuses on the customer and what makes them special and what their needs are.

“I do research on my competition and what they are known for.  More importantly, I put an emphasis on customer service and customer experience. Why customer service and experience? Well, because customer service isn’t just how you talk to the clients. It’s making sure your website and pages are easy to navigate, easy for clients to book, well priced, and involves the face-to-face experience.” States Motaniel. 

Like many other businesses, Motaniel has struggled with the problems associated with the current pandemic and the hit it has taken on numerous industries, including his own. People are not planning to have weddings because their family and friends cannot gather into one place. This directly has an impact on Motaniel and his business.

“I had so many plans this year to style different weddings and clients, travel, and so much more. However due to the pandemic at hand, nobody’s year is going according to “plan”. So for me, this has been the year of adjustment and pivoting. I have been fine tuning my craft and stepping outside of my comfort zone to interact and get to know the many different entrepreneurs in the fashion niche and industry.” Says Motaniel.

Motaniel has been able to stay competitive despite the difficulties and economic hardship. For him, fear is only something holding him back and he never lets it stop him or slow him down. His mindset is what got him through the rough times and what has made him successful throughout his entire career.

“I personally believe that fear is a grip holding you back from your happiness. No matter what it looks like, keep pressing for the blessing. Mindset is very important when you’re thinking about starting and running your own business. You must love what you do and work hard to get there. Developing a growth mindset was the number one thing and understanding that you are going to be playing the long game.” Remarks Motaniel.

For new entrepreneurs, Motaniel has advice for others. He wants people to push for creativity and add excellent customer service to their business. He hopes to create financial freedom for others through this advice.

“Seek to add value; produce optimal quality; provide an excellent customer experience. Financial freedom to me is when the income from both your passive and active sources of income can pay your bills comfortably for years even without you getting actively involved in the process needed to generate the income. Until I reach that goal, I will not feel like I’m financially free.” Advises Motaniel.

To find out more about Motaniel, you can follow him on Instagram @mxodos_ and you can check out his website at www.exodosrealms.com

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