Abby Gamboa Is Taking Over Multiple Industries And The Mentoring Business At Just 20 Years Old

Abby Gamboa Is Taking Over Multiple Industries And The Mentoring Business At Just 20 Years Old

Abby Gamboa, 20 year old serial entrepreneur, overcame a series of barriers throughout her life to become who she is today – a leader in the industries of Social Media Marketing, Investing, Real Estate, and Beauty, in addition to being a worldwide published author. Abby had a difficult childhood and endured a lot of neglect, as well as verbal, emotional, and mental abuse. However, Abby states: 

“It was hard but it made me the independent woman I am today. It’s what planted the seed of today’s success for me. I turned my pain into purpose and power.” 

While in high school, she lived in a toxic household, had a GPA of 0.67, and was unlikely to graduate on time. This is when she started over in Walnut Creek, California at 15 years old. She was able to not only graduate high school early, but she did so with a 3.75 GPA as Valedictorian of her class. Abby  went into college early and worked as a waitress at the same time. However, knowing that she wanted more, Abby quit her 9-5 at 17 years old in order to take her first business seriously. This led her to further realize that school was never really for her. As such, Abigail dropped out of college and dedicated herself to real estate at 18. 

“I was now a 17 year old college dropout who said bye to their 9-5 and took my dreams seriously. I built my network and capital while connecting with well known wealthy people too. I’ve seen my 6-7-8 figure earner mentors do it and it created a new comfort zone for me where I believed so hard I could achieve , that it happened. I learned from them while believing it was possible. When I got into investing, I remember making my first $1k in about 30 minutes. It proved to me that this was my lane, it came so easy and natural. It felt more than meant so I kept on going,” Abby shares. 

From thereon, Abby  kept building and investing in her businesses, as well as herself. By investing in successful mentors and continuing to grow, Abigail has been able to scale her business in order to be able to impact the lives of others. Now, she runs a Real Estate Investing Company, a Full Service Marketing Agency, and a 1:1 Business Mentorship Program, in which she’s able to use her own experiences to help others experience abundance. Despite the obstacles Abby faced with lack of support, through a sustained positive mindset, she was able to build her own confidence and success. As Abigail shares,

“The more your mindset/knowledge grows, the more your income grows. You have to allow yourself to REMAIN COACHABLE and remain willing to learn. The plants you water in your mind will manifest into the physical, so it’s very important that you’re planting abundant seeds in your mind, and your belief system needs to be strong for those manifestations to come to pass. Making sure you have your mindset and inner-self aligned first when starting a business is crucial because if your business rockets before your mindset is right, you won’t have the ability to SUSTAIN the blessings.”

When asked about advice for future entrepreneurs who are trying to start their own business, Abby shares: “Invest in the right mentor! As long as you keep God in the center, you will always win! Stay true to you. Take your dreams serious, keep your faith, execute, and continue to impact. INVEST IN YOURSELF!” 

Throughout this year, Abby plans to continue scaling her businesses and impact more lives within each of these businesses. In addition to developing more mentorship and coaching programs, Abby plans to have her first worldwide book tour in 2021, and is already working on her 2nd book. Through her continued growth and by showing up as the best version of herself, Abby is impacting more lives every day. From a 0.67 GPA college dropout to multi-biz owner. 

To learn more about Abby, follow her on Instagram here or become involved in her mentorship program here. 

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