Ali Haseeb Grew His Branding And Consulting Agency To Multiple Six Figures: Since Then, He Has Created A Course, Written A Book, And Started A Movement To Teach People How To Elevate Their Frequency

Ali Haseeb Grew His Branding And Consulting Agency To Multiple Six Figures: Since Then, He Has Created A Course, Written A Book, And Started A Movement To Teach People How To Elevate Their Frequency

Even in today’s hectic economy, not all people are willing to settle for a 9 to 5 job despite having a high pay grade. Many take it upon themselves to learn and develop certain skill sets with the use of technology and social networks and choose to work for themselves.

Ali Haseeb is one of those people who was inspired by his love of technology, marketing, travel, and meeting intelligent people. Today he runs Principles LLC, a branding and consulting agency, leveraging technology to help people develop their personal brands. He is also a coach for The VA Formula, a virtual assistant mastermind that teaches people to scale their businesses online. Ali recently moved to Austin, Texas to pursue app and software development but calls Miami his second home where he and the Virani Investment Group started a yacht chartering business.

I was motivated to start my business after working 60-70 hours a week for someone that took advantage of my work ethic. After connecting with my partner Shawn, we decided to go all into our own vision. We wanted to wake up every day doing what we love and it was important to go to sleep every night feeling fulfilled. I’d rather work 100 hours a week for myself on something that can create a lasting legacy than 50 hours for someone who has selfish intentions and no plan on sharing the wealth with the world,” Ali shares.

Ali is also on the board of the new Millionaire Mentorship app, a multi-faceted platform that provides business education to the masses through a state-of-the-art User Experience. Their mission is to give access to the habits, resources, and insight of millionaires by consolidating educational courses, creating inspirational content and connecting students with 6, 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs.

In Millionaire Mentorship, I’m not only on the frontline as a creator but in the backend working with Roy doing design and development. The project complements my companies’ services with branding, development, content, and an established university style of entrepreneurship. Plus Roy is someone who shares the core values and the same energy as me. 2021 is about to be amazing for the team,” Ali says.

But before getting into the world of entrepreneurship, Ali spent several years in corporate America. His first job was learning operations and marketing in the healthcare field. He wore several hats which taught him many high level skills that he still uses ‘til this day.

“My digital marketing strategies grossed the doctor over 50 million dollars in just 3 years, while I was stuck with a 50K a year salary.” Ali recounts. “One day, I decided to make the jump to entrepreneurship. In fact, I failed the first time due to a bad choice in business partners and had to return to corporate America for a year…. I had to play my cards right before I made the jump again. I wasn’t gonna fail a second time.”

After him and his business partner Shawn put together a team of 20+ team members and strategic partners loaded with talent, Ali and his partner Shawn launched Principles LLC, a branding and consulting agency that has helped scale more than 110 businesses and personal brands to new heights. They have achieved this feat thanks to their one of a kind designs and digital automation strategies. 

After going all in and betting on himself, Ali and his partner were able to grow Principles LLC to multiple six figures in just a few short months. In the beginning of 2020 they also wrote a book called “Create Your Frequency,” which became a bestseller in the 3rd week. 

“Now, we have created a movement teaching people how to change their life through the teachings of some major influences we personally look up to in many fields of study and we compiled how to apply these game changing tactics and implement them in everyday life; in mind, body, and business.” Ali explains.

Ali’s book “Create Your Frequency” is an easily digestible work of self-growth literature. The book covers various topics from mindset, importance of health, morning routine, and how to leverage technology in your favor. It even dives deep into emotional intelligence and why it is of utmost importance to understand and build up your brains will power and effectively combine the functions of your mind and body.

Many people at some point in their life wish to start a business on their own..for those people Ali recommends reading and learning from those who have walked the same path of life they want to create for themselves.

Don’t take advice from those who haven’t done what you have done and definitely steer away from those who don’t motivate you to be and do your best.” Ali advises.

This is also what makes Ali different from his competition. He has read and learned from the best and has been able to apply what he learns instantaneously. His discipline is unmatched because he understands sacrifice, working smart, and is able to adapt and grow both himself and his team on a daily basis. 

Ali’s future projects include teaching his clients and students about the Virtual Assistant Formula, and how to scale their businesses. He also wants to grow his company to eight figures, travel around the world, continue to create content. We may even get to see him write another book after he reaches his 9 figure goals.

Find out more about Ali and his ventures here.

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