Andy Audate Created A Business That Helped Create Him. Find Out More About Audate Media Below

Andy Audate Created A Business That Helped Create Him. Find Out More About Audate Media Below

Growing up, Andy Audate’s family did not have a lot of extra money. He remembers this very clearly when he realized that his parents could not afford to buy him the newest sneakers like other kids when his dad went to visit New York City. His business helped him find who he truly was.

“We came from a financially tough background, living in the smallest city within the smallest state in the country, I knew that I had to make something of myself so I created businesses as a way to get out of the environment that was holding me back from releasing my potential. What motivated me to get started with my business has always been this understanding that I need to progress on a daily basis. If it wasn’t for business, I highly doubt that I will be tapping into my potential. So business allows me to grow and expand as well as to serve others in a meaningful way.

This understanding also allowed me to change people’s lives, especially now that I have access to speak on stages and to get in front of many people in regular basis, I get to share the importance of ‘Progressing Daily’ which teaches people to not allow themselves to be stuck in their current situation, regardless if it is bad or good. It means that if you are in a ‘good’ situation right now, do not limit yourself to just that level of ‘success’ and ‘comfortability’, but instead, push yourself harder so you can give yourself a chance to expand and grow more,” Andy explains.

Andy now runs a marketing business called Audate Media. Andy is focused on teaching other businesses how to create their own marketing so that they too can be successful. He is helping across multiple social media platforms be successful.

“I run a marketing agency named Audate Media. What we do is teach people how to start, grow, and scale their business. We can also do it for them where we help them to get new clients from the internet and different social media platforms. We also manage their leads for them where we take care of the vital processes all the way from the point of awareness to the point that their client will buy. We essentially help businesses sell more of their products and/or services. How we support them in growing their business is mainly focused on branding and marketing,” Andy states.

What makes Andy different from others in the marketing world is that he has built a big network to help with marketing, but at a much lower cost. In addition, Andy has created a business that is receptive to a younger generation that helps them build their business marketing. 

“We use an international system that allows us to get in front of more people in a shorter period of time but with a lower cost. In addition to that, we have an understanding of millennial buyers. Those two together allow my marketing agency to push further than any other organization that I am aware of. 

Over the years, I learned that what it takes to win, especially in this new economy is AWARENESS. So If my team can push your business in front of more people and give more awareness using our system, then it’s inevitable that you will win,” Andy says.

Andy has found success and helps others find success by following his advice of “showing up”. Meaning that you show up to the space physically and in a powerful way. This helps gain the attention of others.

“First, showing up physically in space means that you are aware and people are aware of you. They can see who you are, they can see your business, your thoughts, and ideas. It is the people who are small, who think too small, and who never take action on their thoughts and ideas, that never give value to the world.  But when you create awareness of your thoughts and ideas by showing up in the space whether that space is Facebook, Social Media, or an in-person event, when you show up powerfully and you are seen, then you will have an opportunity to change the world.

Second, showing up powerfully means that you are seen and you are heard. That your ideas are seen and ideas are heard. You have to be in the space to receive the opportunity but also you have to be seen and be heard to receive the opportunity. It is a formula: be in the space and to be seen and to be heard. By doing this, time and time again, you will receive an opportunity for expansion and growth and all other opportunities that you are looking for,” Andy advises.

To find out more about Andy, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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