Brittani The Investor Knows What It’s Like To Have Poor Credit. She Decided To Break Generational Curses By Learning To Master Her Money And Excel Her Horizons In Financial Literacy While Educating Others On How To Do The Same.

Brittani The Investor Knows What It’s Like To Have Poor Credit. She Decided To Break Generational Curses By Learning To Master Her Money And Excel Her Horizons In Financial Literacy While Educating Others On How To Do The Same.

Many of us lack confidence in ourselves, but not Brittani Brown, better known as Brittani the Investor. She is a strong leader and mentor! She strives to educate the masses 1 day at a time. Her confidence shines through when she enters a room because she knows she is here to make a difference. Brittani is the definition of hard work and determination, she’s a go getter and her peers would describe her as being a serial entrepreneur.

“I have an ability to take ownership. I walk into any room, meeting or setting and own it simply with my confidence and posture! I am completely open, I know that I have to remain open in order to receive good things within, and open enough to allow good things to go out!” Brittani exclaims.

Though Brittani is an incredible entrepreneur at a young age, her story did not start off easily. However, through her ability and desire to achieve the American dream and find success, she pushed quickly to the top and strives to be a 1 percent earner sooner than later.

What motivated Brittani to start her financial literacy business was her own experience. She knew how to make money but not how to master it! Brittani wanted to spread her wisdom and bring awareness to her culture and different communities who need financial assistance. However, she didn’t know too much about wealth management, so she dedicated herself to learning more and turning it into a business was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. In addition, she wanted to ensure that her son Logan never endured any of the struggles that many people faced because of bad credit and finances, so that he too could have a chance at success.

“My horrible credit, poor spending habits and just not knowing the do’s and don’t of financial literacy inspired me to get into this industry. I wanted to help my family and friends. We don’t have bad credit conversations, so you never know who really needs it. I knew God gifted me the ability to be a leader, so I’m not wasting it! I will break as many generational curses as possible. I knew how to make money, but I never knew how to manage it! I wanted proper education and to be financially literate. I have  a son and I REFUSE to pass down the struggle to him. Learning how to improve my personal finances, budgeting better and paying off debt properly helped me not only gain my buying power back, but I now help other people pay their bills better, my bills automatically disappear,” Brittani explains.

Despite her now obvious success and her achievements helping several families understand their credit, Brittani had to overcome many obstacles to get to where she is today. This included many people who did not believe that she could create the success that she envisioned.

“Distractions were harmful to my career. Everything and anything negative distracted me from my performance! I wasn’t properly prepared mentally to focus on the goals, so I focused on the obstacles instead. Therefore, I kept failing; I’ve failed over and over again, and that’s why I succeeded,” Brittani remarks.

What has set her apart from others is her ability to storytell and ability to create. This has led her to massive success in addition to her already formed mentality for confidence and success.

“My unique skill set of story-telling and ability to create is what sets me apart! I was a sports editor for 9 years at ESPN and I have a sharp eye to pay attention to detail! With doing that, I can present a strategic plan for all clients as they’re all different! I create certainty and make sure myself and my clients are going in the same direction by providing them with a road map to their personal credit growth and success,” Brittani states.

Brittani’s projects for the upcoming year include continuing to give back to people by helping them get their buying power back! She strives to help others achieve the same level of financial freedom and success as she did because she knows that maintaining excellent finances and excellent credit are keys to success.

“I’m going to help 100 single moms with less than perfect credit improve their score and become first time homeowners. Success means you are going to go from overdraft to overflow as long as you don’t quit. I’ll take the small wins too, because small progress is STILL progress! Keep moving and do everything with intention!” Brittani says.

To find out more about Brittani, you can follow her on instagram @brittthegirlbawse.

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