Building An Audience On Instagram And Other Social Media Sites: Theresa Depasquale Knows How To Help Your Business Grow Online

Building An Audience On Instagram And Other Social Media Sites: Theresa Depasquale Knows How To Help Your Business Grow Online

Theresa Depasquale is an entrepreneur who hit rock bottom, but never let it slow her down in life. She began her business at a young age, but realized that it was not the path for. She found her roots as a self-made entrepreneur and used her talents to recreate herself and her business.

“I am a self made entrepreneur. I started my first business at the age of 24- was successful and had to file bankruptcy and rebuild myself. I started my second online fitness business and took it to seven figures in six years. Then two years ago, I decided I wanted to totally change careers – sold my fitness business and started a new company Capture Social Group. With zero investment, I bootstrapped the biz and hit 6 figures my first 6 months and the second year (during 2020) my company grew 320% (while raising and homeschooling two children !) I am resilient and a true entrepreneur,” Theresa explains.

Theresa began her online marketing business after building up her own image on the website. She realized, like many other entrepreneurs, that having a strong online presence was the key to building a strong business. Particularly now, social media work is key to keeping a business alive during these trying times.

“We are a boutique social media marketing agency specializing in online branding, social media management and influencer marketing. We also have online programs and info products. After successfully building my own personal brand on Instagram and building multiple large revenue generating marketing pages, I decided that I wanted to do this full-time to teach other amazing entrepreneurs how to leverage social media to increase their impact and profits,” Theresa remarks.

What helped Theresa get ahead in this industry was a natural ability to brand and get her image out there. Her mentors and pupils alike comment on her talent and capabilities when it comes to social media. The other way that Theresa stands out is her ability to help businesses. She knew that this was her calling and that there were many people out there who would need Theresa’s help.

“I’ve been doing social media marketing for my own personal brand for years, but it wasn’t until I joined a mastermind for online marketing and started helping a lot of the other people in the group with their online branding and social strategy that my mentor came to me and said “you’re really good at this you should really consider doing this full-time”, so I ended up selling my fitness business and starting a new company and I haven’t looked back. I work with busy entrepreneurs and experts who want to learn how to build their brands on social as opposed to other social experts that teach how to use cool filters and become an influencer. My services are designed for 7 figure entrepreneurs,” Theresa states.

For her next projects this year, Theresa is looking forward to working towards certification projects and finding success by seeing ideas through to the end.

“We are working on a new certification program that will be a game changer in the social management space. Success to me is about achievement and reaching my full potential. Yes, I love making money but the money comes secondary for me. I love having an idea and seeing it to fruition,” Theresa says.

To find out more about Theresa, you can follow her on instagram here and check out her website here.

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