Building His Own Market Niche: Terrance Overton’s Cuts & Cars Fills A Unique Need

Building His Own Market Niche: Terrance Overton’s Cuts & Cars Fills A Unique Need

If anyone were to meet Terrance Overton a few years ago, it would be hard to imagine the hardworking and accomplished businessman he is today. Terrance was born in Long Island and spent much of his youth in foster homes. Despite maintaining straight A’s in school, he struggled with self-control and got involved in some trouble on the streets. After landing in prison, he learned he had a child on the way. This is the catalyst that changed it all for him. 

“I’ve always been daring and a risk taker. When I got out of prison, I knew I had a daughter, which meant I couldn’t go back to the illegal risk taking. So I dedicated myself to taking the longer road to success, instead focusing on legal risk taking and investing. Throughout my journey, I’ve started three successful businesses,” Terrance says. 

The first of Terrance’s businesses is Cuts & Cars, established in 2018. It’s a one weekend shop where you can get your haircut or styled while your car is being detailed. 

“Kill two birds with one stone,” explains Terrance. 

Second, Terrance started Million Dollar Moments, a photography and podcast studio with over 100 thousand dollars invested in creative equipment. They’re proud to be able to offer hourly rental rates for both their photo and podcast studio, as well as keeping photographers on hand that can be booked for a shoot. 

Lastly, Terrance founded Love Thy Beard, a beard growth stimulant and moisturizer that has been selling off the shelves with little to no advertisement for 4 years.  

His newest business, Cuts & Cars, was inspired by filling a niche Terrance was already skilled in. By combining two services that had a need in his community, he was able to redefine the marketplace. 

“I always knew how to cut hair, but it was a hustle. I even had my own barbershop at 25 years old, but unfortunately wasn’t responsible and mature enough to keep it at the time. Once I made my mind up to be on the straight and narrow, barbering was the easiest way to accumulate funds. Luckily, I also love doing it!” Terrance says. 

Despite being successful in three separate fields, Terrance still vividly remembers the challenges of starting a business every time he embarks on a new venture. For him, the hardest part is just getting started, especially because it often takes years of preparation before starting is even an option. 

“Preparation is a big part of starting a new business venture and I pride myself on being able to prioritize this important step,” Terrance says. 

For those looking to start their own business, Terrance suggests keeping the importance of preparation in mind, as well as the need to follow your passion. 

“Go with your heart. Make sure you invest wisely in something that you know you’re going to love to wake up and do every day,” Terrance outlines. 

With passion at the forefront, new entrepreneurs will be able to be psychologically tough enough to make it in their chosen field. As Terrance points out, over 65% of businesses do not make it out into the market in their first two years. This is where self-awareness into your own psychology is key. 

“Most people that start a business have the talent or the trade but don’t possess the psychological toughness to make it,” Terrance says. 

But Terrance certainly has that special blend of toughness and passion. With that, he’s looking to open a 2500 square foot beauty supply store by the end of the year, and many exciting projects to follow. 
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