Building Legacies For Other Businesses And Their Families, A. Donahue Baker Is Providing People With The Tools They Didn’t Know They Needed

Building Legacies For Other Businesses And Their Families, A. Donahue Baker Is Providing People With The Tools They Didn’t Know They Needed

Sometimes we do not know what we need until it is presented to us. This is true in all of the facets of our life, but particularly so in business. This is where A. Donahue Baker comes in. He, at a very fundamental level, understands what businesses need to succeed. From a former grammy nominated music producer to a real estate mogul, A. Donahue Baker has made his mark in many industries and wants to help others do the same.

“I have a private Facebook group called Generational Wealth Builders (The Inner Circle). I teach people how to spot, analyze, and fund apartment deals. I have built that group to over 900 people that I show strategy and real-world deals to acquire. Through Money Avenue, LLC we are able to get any business at least $50,000 of business funding that is not linked to a personal credit profile.  No personal guarantee.  If the business is able to show 2 years of tax return we can get the business million dollar line of credit not linked to a personal credit profile. We have sort of a contest but it’s really an opportunity to create wealth.  In our group, we have a $3 million dollar line of credit that anyone can use to leverage and create greater wealth for business or real estate purposes,” A. Donahue remarks.

His companies have been ranked amongst some of the highest in the world. By providing people and businesses what they need, even if they might not know it, he has been able to help numerous people. By giving advice and strategies to numerous small businesses, he has changed many peoples’ lives. Though his businesses have become successful, what truly matters to A. Donahue Baker is that he gets to transform other entrepreneurs into millionaires and help them defy the stagnation that keeps people only at the thousandaire level.

“I am a former grammy-nominated music producer that is a current real estate mogul.  I own over 500 residential and commercial units of real estate.  I co-founded the company, Money Avenue LLC, which is one of the fastest-growing fintech startups in the country.  It is ranked 199 of the top 5000 companies this year for the INC 5000 list.  I am super committed to helping others build generational wealth and as an author, influencer, and national speaker I have helped many people start the journey of creating generational wealth. I am a professor at Morehouse teaching entrepreneurship and wealth-building strategies to young adults. Even though I sold my CPA practice (of over 200 clients) What really makes me unique is my financing and industry knowledge, I still give free tax advice and strategies to my students & clients,” A. Donahue Baker states.

Since becoming so successful, A. Donahue has achieved financial freedom. This has caused him to slow down or become complacent in his position in life. Instead, he has been growing and continuing to strive to be an even more influential person and entrepreneur.

“I have already achieved financial freedom. But as long as I can continue to dictate where I chose to spend time and who I spend it with, I can maintain financial freedom. Success means impacting the lives of future generations for the better. My Legacy is my success,” A. Donahue says.

His continued desire to create a legacy for himself and his family keep A. Donahue going strong. His biggest obstacle so far included difficulties that stemmed from family problems, so his family has become a big part of his desire for success.

“Going through a divorce almost ruined me.  But I was able to overcome it. I was inspired to get into this industry because I was working for a family office and learned how wealthy people create wealth for their families, and it inspired me. This is my opportunity to create a legacy for my family,” A. Donahue explains.

His next projects include many amazing things to continue his success in the business world and helping others. He wants to continue bettering himself and his businesses as well as expanding out to do more. He plans on writing and publishing a book soon as well as making a documentary to help spread his vision.

“I am going to continue to grow my fintech company. In addition, I am going to write and publish another book, make a film or documentary, create more millionaires both in real estate and business, and lastly, build the 1st passive house in my home state.” A. Donahue says.

To find out more about A. Donahue Baker, you can follow him on instagram and check out his website here.

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