Business CEO, Motivational Speaker And Consultant, Brandon Ivan Peña Does It All

Business CEO, Motivational Speaker And Consultant, Brandon Ivan Peña Does It All

Brandon Ivan Peña is a motivational speaker, brand humanizer, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Juarez, Mexico, he knew he always wanted to live in New York City to use his creativity. Brandon received his MBA from the University of Miami and has worked with Fortune 500 companies including State Farm Insurance, One World Alliance, and Televisa. Aside from being a business consultant, he is an incredible event speaker and designer, and has worked at events such as Social Media Week Puerto Rico, Design Shanghai, Latinos Pa’ Lante, SXSW, C2MTL, and many more. 

Brandon lives his life through a formula: Emotions + Visuals = Engagement. This formula has provided him unlimited opportunities and success, and his multi dollar company continues to push and grow by only doing what’s right for its team and community. 

“For over 20 years I’ve been in marketing, managing accounts, creating content and business consulting, business has been great, I’ve met amazing business men and women, I’ve been motivated by amazing stories, businesses and strategies.  Making businesses grow is in my DNA, I take it very personal, I push entrepreneurs to innovate and to go to the next level.   I help business owners strategize and focus on the primary objective.  It seemed right to lead by example, therefore, I decided to push myself and invest in things that I truly love, humans, and coffee,” Brandon shares. 

Today, Brandon leads more than one business. At ‘787 Coffee,’ they love creating memories and focusing on human interactions – from farm, to cup, to coffee experience. They own the coffee farm in Puerto Rico, where they grow, process, and roast their own coffee beans and make the freshest cup. Brandon manages a team in Maricao and San Juan, Puerto Rico, with 3 coffee shops ready to be opened and a coffee farm in full production and expanding, as well as 5 open coffee shops in NYC with 2 more under construction. 

Despite the obstacles faced with Hurricane Maria in 2017, Brandon has been able to continue leading a successful business:

“The biggest obstacle I’ve had in my business this far has been losing everything when Hurricane Maria took 90% of my coffee plantation in Puerto Rico in 2017.  All my savings, investments, time, energy was gone in just a few hours.  Closing coffee shops because we had no coffee to sell, and working with no electricity for over 5 months made it complicated.  But it’s funny how this moment also became the tipping moment for me and the why we do what we do. It defined us, and gave me and my co-workers purpose,” says Brandon. 

In addition to the coffee business, Brandon also owns ‘brandON,’ his personal brand focused toward business consulting and motivational conferences. In 2016, he sold his million dollar advertising agency to focus on consulting, motivational conferences, his book, and coffee. When asked about his motivation to become involved in the industry, Brandon shares: 

“I find human connections fascinating. When it comes to consulting and my motivational conferences, it always seemed natural. I love the feeling I get of sharing the things I learn with others. I also love doing it in Spanish, targeting young entrepreneurs in Latin America that speak limited English or none at all. I want to be there for them. I want to tell them to focus on their objectives and through hard work, discipline and by following YOUR passion, AMAZING things happen, regardless of skin color.”

Now, Brandon continues to connect with others through coffee and inspire others through his conversations. While 2020 has been a difficult year, it has allowed Brandon to connect more with himself and take the time to write and design the strategy ‘brandON’ will take, as well as a clearer vision for the future of Hacienda Iluminada and 787 Coffee. With his personal brand, Brandon is getting ready to publish his first book. He plans to share insight on the business world from his own experiences having attended some of the best business and social media conferences in the world. For Hacienda Iluminada, their coffee farm paradise, they plan to open cabins, a zoo, and coffee tours where people can go to reconnect with nature, life, and inner peace. For ‘787 Coffee,’ they plan to continue growing their presence with more shops – changing the world one coffee cup at a time. 

“My advice to those starting a business is to invest in a PASSION, we find ourselves spending most of our time thinking business, solutions and strategy, spending those hours thinking about something you like makes everything worth it.  I cannot even imagine how miserable my life would be if I did not like what I do or the businesses I invest in.  Once you find your passion and decide you are ready to commit to a business, become OBSESSED with your business.  Limit your TV time, your friends time, vacation time. FOCUS AND make it happen.  WORK HARDER AND SMARTER THAN EVER BEFORE,” Brandon states. 

To learn more about his different businesses and what Brandon has to offer to the world, make sure to follow him on Instagram here. 

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