CARD CHAMPS Dethrones eBay

CARD CHAMPS Dethrones eBay

The Collectors’ Revolution Has Arrived

CARD CHAMPS: because collecting cards shouldn’t feel like an online scavenger hunt. With the Other Guys, that’s exactly how it feels though. And the reason for that is simple, it’s all about the money. Everywhere you can buy and sell cards online takes a cut on each transaction. If the transaction, or card in this case, isn’t a big ticket sale, the websites have very little motivation to put it in front of interested buyers. Selling an average or low value card turns the scavenger hunt into a junkyard fire. 

If you haven’t discovered this yet, go search Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Amazon for an everyday trading card. I’ll wait here… 

You’re back! Didn’t take long to see the problem(s), am I right?

If you searched for a higher end card, one that’ll sell for top dollar, you may have actually found the card of your desires. But what about the rest of us? 

When I asked Andrew Cordle, founder and CEO of CARD CHAMPS, about that, he replied, “They don’t care about collectors at all. I mean,” he holds up a Lebron James card. “Look at this one, it’s in great condition, but the thing is, I have four already. And because it’s not highly valued. Because of that, it’s just way too much of a hassle for me to bother putting it up for sale. Lebron would just get lost behind all the ads and other junk.” 

Those days are over. 

A Collector’s Journey

You probably know Andrew from his show, Money Is, where he passionately covers everything money related. A lesser known fact is that, long before he evolved into one of today’s top thought and money leaders, he was an avid card collector.

Andrew fell in love with collecting early in life. He’d be found more often on his bedroom floor reading Beckett’s than outside playing with friends. Over the years, he developed a passion and expertise for business, but his infatuation with cards developed as well. With that infatuation came inspiration. 

Andrew Cordle developed the first platform designed specifically with the card collecting community in mind. The mission: revolutionize the industry; maximize the experience of buying and selling cards.

What Makes CARD CHAMPS So Unique

  • Its intuitive, user-friendly layout and design were tailor made to meet the needs of card collectors of every level
  • Passive income possibilities with original uploader tokens 
  • Seamless search and filter functions designed for sports cards
  • A community unlike any other
  • And the next topic of discussion for this article: LIVE AND UP TO DATE COMPS

In a nutshell, CARD CHAMPS is revolutionizing the industry. Just like you, we love the game from our mints to our last sleeve of the binder.  

Data Drawn Naturally For Ease of Use

Whether you’re selling or seeking, it’s always critical to have the most current COMPs available for your specific card. CARD CHAMPS  is the first and only searchable MLS that guarantees that each and every COMP you find is live and up-to-date.

We can do this thanks to our revolutionary system. When a card is uploaded for the first time, the first person to enter its detailed information wins a token for that card (more on that later).

So, when a card is uploaded into your portfolio, most times the information is automatically populated to match your uploaded card’s details. In doing so, the live COMPS are generated automatically, allowing you to collect faster and more effectively. To put it simply, CARD CHAMPS saves you from time wasted searching for comparisons. As a result, helping you maximize each individual card sale. 

CARD CHAMPS: For the Love of Collecting.

As a passionate collector himself, Andrew Cordle built CARD CHAMPS to fill the needs of his peers. Not just the collectors focused on profits. Every collector.

Sure, there’s money to be made (and lots of it) on CARD CHAMPS. But the biggest difference between AC and its competitors is the fact that it was designed with the community as a priority over proffit. 

Card collectors everywhere are banding together to inject life into a previously steril, outdated industry. 

So get ready. Things are going to change, fast. 

CARD CHAMPS: the revolution is here. 

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