Dee Coriano Came From A Small Town Looking To Follow Her Dreams. Her Adventure Led Her To Be A Stand Out Personality In The Yoga World. Find Out More Below.

Dee Coriano Came From A Small Town Looking To Follow Her Dreams. Her Adventure Led Her To Be A Stand Out Personality In The Yoga World. Find Out More Below.

Right now, we could all use a moment to decompress. Owner of Deecompress yoga, Dee Coriano, is here to help you do just that! Through her social media platform, she is able to share incredible ways to help you get over your stress and anxiety through yoga and other helpful practices.

“I run an online yoga business, Deecompress. Deecompress is a platform that lets me do what I love and share the great practice of yoga.  I also use it as a platform to blog about my latest adventures and give advice. My business allows me to work with clients anywhere from the world, as well as an outlet for companies, studios and resorts to book my services,” Dee explains.

Dee’s story begins as a small-town girl in Virginia, knowing that she wanted more in life than what her hometown offered her. She dreamed of a big city to reach her goals and her dreams. She followed that dream through college, and it brought her to the success that came from the yoga and real estate world.

“I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but I knew early on, I was destined to live in a big city.  I always have a plan in my head to jump-start my goals, which is why, after Highschool, I applied to universities in Miami, FL.  I attended Florida International University, majoring in Public Relations and Marketing. During my academic career, I got certified as a yoga instructor and landed my dream internship at Ocean Drive Magazine. Upon graduation, I knew in my heart that I am not built for a 9-5 pm type of job, so I got my real estate license and started teaching yoga classes. I have a deep love for yoga. It plays a huge role in my life; I truly do believe in the great aspects it can bring into one’s life as well as the cultural/religious side. However, I do many things aside from that; I am an Executive/ Personal Assistant to two high profile hedge fund managers as well as a real estate agent,” Dee explains.

Dee was motivated to find and advance her yoga passion during quarantine. She saw so many people struggling to find balance in their lives and knew that she could be a solution to their issues, so she made it her goal to help people during this difficult time.

“When the pandemic hit and the months came when everyone had to quarantine. I had a lot of time to think about how I would start my business. I decided that starting online yoga classes would be a great start. With 2020 being such a rough year, I wanted Deecompress to be an outlet for people to unwind from trauma and stress. I wanted to help people see new positive perspectives and improve their mental state. Now with safety precautions and restrictions lifted, I am allowing my services to be booked for in-person classes, and yoga retreat travels,” Dee states.

Dee understands the power and importance of yoga and what it can do for people. She has experienced it herself when she initially found the practice a little while back.

“I have been practicing yoga since 2011. Although it wasn’t until I sought out to get my teacher’s license at Synergy Yoga- Miami Beach, I knew that I wanted to break into the industry. At the time, I was in a dark place. I had just got out of a very unhealthy relationship and needed something productive to keep me busy as well as would benefit me. The training was for five weeks. During those five weeks, I had the most significant transformation in my mindset and body; it all came naturally to me. With the guidance and knowledge of my yoga teacher, Victoria Brunacci, I realized that I had great potential and a gift for helping people. I want to use this gift to help people transform into the best version of themself, helping them change negative perspectives into positive ones, as well as strengthening their bodies and souls,” Dee says.

Dee’s advice for those wishing to start their own business is simple: do not be afraid of the what-ifs and let them stop you. To find out more about Dee, you can follow her on Instagram and check out her website here.

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