Dominik Lipinski Is Teaching Entrepreneurs Why Building Trust Is The Most Important Step In Growing Their Business

Dominik Lipinski Is Teaching Entrepreneurs Why Building Trust Is The Most Important Step In Growing Their Business

Best selling author, Dominik Lipinski, was born and raised in Poland until he was 15 years old, then moved with his parents to America in hopes of a better future. He was always a dreamer and realized early on that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Hence, he quit college and ventured into the business world in early 20’s with zero experience. Despite massive setbacks and business failures, Dominik now runs an online education business, which focuses on coaching people on how to start and grow an online education/expertise business. Through his coaching methods, he has helped his clients transform their online education companies and generate over $25 M in online sales. Many of his top methods are laid out in his book, The Secrets of Trust.

“We show brand new students how to start their first 6 figure expertise business online even if they have zero audience, never started a business, and don’t have the marketing, branding and sales skills,” explains Dominik. 

Dominik found his gift in helping other entrepreneurs break free from their day jobs and grow their online businesses. Having worked multiple dead end jobs and feeling unfulfilled in the past, he knew having his own business would make him much happier. But turning down a $250,000 a year sales manager position and getting served a non-compete contract putting him out of work for 6 months leaving him broke and homeless was the biggest test of time that made it all worth it. As soon as the non compete contract expired, Dominik used The Secrets of Trust skills and landed a $10,000 client the same week. He now helps new online education businesses grow to $100,000 a year with his book. And for those students who have already accomplished a 6 figure income online, he helps them to grow to a million dollars or more per year. Dominik knows that skill set and mindset are really crucial for success:

“Mindset is 80% of the success in life. If you get your mindset right you are going straight to the top in anything you do. Whether that be fitness, business, relationships. How we think about life, ourselves and our potential future shapes us in how we process, feel and act on our desires on a daily basis. Being unaware of our mindset keeps us stuck, developing awareness sets us free. If you’re seeking for the truth, the truth will find you,” states Dominik. 

Dominik realized that his success was based on understanding The Secrets Of Trust of potential customers in his marketing, branding, and sales processes. Now, he teaches this to his Trust Seeker students. Dominik helps his future clients understand how to gain their clients’ trust for the lifetime of their business. He focuses on creating lasting results and new levels of support so that his clients can achieve the best results with their online businesses. As a board certified Master NLP Coach and Master Hypnosis Practitioner, Dominik has trained with the best in the online education industry and helps his clients see results in less time, more fun, and with ease. Furthermore, Dominik is now focusing on developing teaching materials that will guide high school and college students on starting their business online while still in school part time. 

“I believe it’s my calling in life and I believe in coaching because it has helped me grow tremendously in my life, business and relationships. Developing trust in your education business online is a learned skill. Anyone wanting to help their clients transform can learn, implement and get results fast,” states Dominik. 

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