Experience Is Everything. Eric Castellanos And Sebastian Quik Proved This With Their Business Amazonlit

Experience Is Everything. Eric Castellanos And Sebastian Quik Proved This With Their Business Amazonlit

More experience in a business does not necessarily lead straight to success. In fact, people outside of the business often come up with some of the best ideas due to their ability to think outside the box. Eric Castellanos and Sebastian Quik, founders of Amazonlit, are the perfect example of this. The two men had no experience in the Amazon world, yet were able to make a business out of their combined efforts.

“We started in a basement 7 years ago with zero experience and have now built one of the largest 3rd party Amazon companies in the world; selling over $150 Million in products on Amazon. We provide that vast experience to help other sellers scale their own Amazon businesses, and the best part is it’s working!” exclaims Eric.

What motivated the two men to start Amazonlit was an evident gap in the market. Many people were claiming they had the key to success, but had little or nothing to show for it. Eric & Sebastian, on the other hand, knew that what they were doing was different and something that they could show to other people to help them achieve success.

“With over 15 years of combined amazon selling experience we saw a void in the Amazon consulting space, it is flooded with courses made by people who don’t operate successful Amazon businesses, they just sell courses.  We fill that void with authentic, up-to-date Amazon information that will help sellers at all levels grow their businesses.” explains Sebastian.

In addition to guaranteeing great contnet that can help people understand the amazon world, EsellersRI is also a great purchase due to its value and cost. The two men want to be as accessible as possible, so they do not overcharge for their courses in order to reach the maximum number of people who are interested in starting their adventure into the amazon world.

“When it comes to Amazon courses, there is no one else who offers what Amazonlit offers at the level of expertise that we deliver information. There are tons of other Amazon courses, but none of them compare to the value provided in EsellersRI. From a personal perspective, our members know and let others know that we care, we care about their success, we care about them achieving their goals and it is not hard for us to look back and remember being in their shoes.” the two founders say.

To say that the two men have been successful in creating their company as well as helping others, is an understatement. They have overcome obstacles that have stood in their way in order to achieve their goals and level of success.

“Years of personally mentoring over 2,000 students to success on Amazon coupled with 15 years of Amazon experience and over $150 Million sold on Amazon.com equates to the fact that AmazonLit knows what needs to be done to allow any business to reach their next milestone and beyond.” Eric states.

Their advice for those starting their own business: mistakes are not the end of the line for you. They are only breaking points if you let them be by giving up and not working through the mistake.

“A mistake is only a failure if you give up and quit. Businesses are built on these mistakes; we have made many mistakes while learning the ins and outs of growing successful businesses. By not quitting and instead persevering, those mistakes become learning experiences and eventually another strength you acquire which will help you succeed. It was in year 2, we purchased over $100,000 worth of Chocolate Liqueur and it became restricted on Amazon. Due to expiration dates, we took a huge loss on this purchase. Our creative spirit and desire to overcome pushed us to find alternative ways to sell these products. We initially thought this would collapse our business and we would fail, but even with that thought, we took action and pushed forward and at the end it turned out to be a great opportunity for growth and experience.” recounts Sebastian.

The two men, in the coming years, will continue to focus on building their company and helping others. If you want to learn more about Amazonlit, you can follow them on Instagram @amazon_lit and can check out their website at www.esellersri.com.

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