Florian Monkam Was Bit By The Entrepreneurship Bug At an Early Age, And Continues To Create Success In The Real Estate World

Florian Monkam Was Bit By The Entrepreneurship Bug At an Early Age, And Continues To Create Success In The Real Estate World

Florian Monkam was born and raised in Cameroon, and from a young age, was already showing his entrepreneurial spirit, starting his own small businesses by selling books, DVDs, computers and smartphones. After moving to Europe, Florian began his career in the consulting and audit industry. 

Having always dreamed of freedom and independence, he decided to learn about real estate investment with the best coaches, web entrepreneurs and investors in North America. In lieu of his 60 hours per week job, he instead decided to start from scratch and develop a real estate portfolio of several millions in Canada, Europe and Africa in 36 months, allowing him to become financially free at just 28 years old.

Since 2017, Florian has focused on sharing his journey as an entrepreneur and investor on his Youtube channel. Since spreading his knowledge with others, he’s become one of the top influencers online, focusing on mindset, real estate and business. His success here has also led him to be featured on Forbes as a Real Estate Expert. Aside from his influencer status, Florian runs a group of companies that helps people and their families to invest in real estate to secure their money and create generational wealth. He also helps business owners to have more impact in the market place using social media marketing.

“I always wanted to have an impact on other people’s lives. Working as an auditor didn’t give me this opportunity. Investing in real estate is not just about generating incomes. It’s also about providing a secure place to live in for parents and their kids. Today social media can help anyone having an impact and bring value to millions of people. So why not me? Impact is my motivation,” Florian explains. 

More than all other businesses, Florian sees an incredible amount of possibility and opportunity in real estate, regardless of where people come from, or their histories. Instead, hard work and mindset shines through. 

“When I started learning about Real Estate, I noticed that most of the multimillionaires in this industry started from scratch and had massive results. Whatever their origins, religion, or skin colour, they made it. These experiences motivated me to take action and prove to myself that I can immigrate to another country, having no connexions and skills and make it happen for real,” Florian says. 

For those that want to start their own business, especially in real estate, Florian really wants others to know they can succeed. Above all else, he believes that taking this leap of faith is discovering your true motivation in order to be fearless. 

“Starting a business requires 90% of mindset and 10% of strategies. Before starting a new business, you need to know why you want to do so. This ‘why’ will help keep your mindset on a higher level even during tough times. Once you know, focus and jump without a parachute,” Florian says. 

In the coming months, Florian is focusing on his customers, despite the challenging times where many businesses are folding under the challenges. It’s an important cornerstone of Florian’s business to be present for his clients in order to give the best advice on their assets and investments in order to ensure the best return. 

All of this knowledge, experience, and focus has led Florian to his biggest challenge to date: managing successful growth. In less than a year, Florian’s companies’ business successes, as well as their teams, grew by 300%. Managing and controlling these incoming increases proved to be Florian’s biggest challenge. 

Tackling these challenges is no problem for Florian, however, and being successful in managing growth and navigating these obstacles has led Florian to financial freedom, which he defines as having the ability to make his own decisions toward his own actions. While he enjoys this freedom for himself, he also takes pride in working toward making this a reality for his clients.

Find out more about Florian Monkam, the Founder and Chairman of Global Invest here.

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