Following In His Family’s Historic Legacy, Saint Jermaine Endeley Is A Wall Street Investor & Entrepreneur Who Pioneered West Africa Securities - A Global Private Equity Firm

Following In His Family’s Historic Legacy, Saint Jermaine Endeley Is A Wall Street Investor & Entrepreneur Who Pioneered West Africa Securities - A Global Private Equity Firm

Saint Jermaine is the CEO of West Africa Securities, Inc. He lives his life and runs his business in a similar manner: always keeping in mind that money is not the end all be all to life, but merely something on the side.

“Like many other African-American Entrepreneurs, I live a humble, modest, and frugal lifestyle everyday. I have many theories on labor, money, and the economy. To keep it simple- my guiding principle is that life has many opportunities that have no monetary value whatsoever because of how the Earth is naturally ordered according to science. So what I want people reading this to take away is: “Do not live a life solely based on money, do not try to force the universe into your life plan, try and take things one step and one day at a time. Be glad everyday you wake up because it is another chance to rinse and repeat.”’ Saint explains.

Inspired by his grandfather and father, Saint got into the industry to follow in their footsteps. His business has been incredibly successful. Perhaps it is his entrepreneurial genes or his hard work ethic that helped him rise to the top, but he is not slowing down any time soon.

“The amazing legacy of my Grandfather Francis G. Endeley (a British trained Civil Engineer) and the natural tendency to want to be like my father Henry W. Endeley (a U.K trained international Solicitor) gave me the early foundation to get started in business. West Africa Securities, Inc. is an international private equity firm. Saint Jermaine Endeley’s investment record began in 2003 when Mr. Endeley was only 13 years old. In 2016 Mr. Endeley entered into an ISDA Agreement with Berkshire Hathaway, Inc (NYSE:BRK-A/B). Today he serves in the Office of Finance as an Assistant Director during the day while privately administering three businesses as an Entrepreneur. 

This does not mean that Saint’s career was completely without obstacles. Like with many other entrepreneurs, Saint needed a lot of access to information, which he did not always have. This led to many difficulties when beginning his work.

“The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome in my career is access to information. Because of the nature of my business, I don’t always have all the information I need to form a professional opinion. Because of the nature of Wall Street and the “lifecycle of securities” most investors are subject to life long learning and discovery of information. This is the reality. I think it is an obstacle that must be addressed,” Saint recounts.

Saint has a lot of great plans in the coming months. His biggest plan this year is finalizing plans for a housing development on Stapleton Waterfront Site A. For 2021, he has even bigger plans to keep his business moving despite the challenges that the pandemic world faces.

“My flagship project for the rest of the year until Christmas is to finalize a plan for the development of Stapleton Waterfront site A in Staten Island that is being developed by the Department of Housing & Preservation and the City of New York. West Africa Securities is interested in this project for many reasons. The main reason and mission of the firm is to support the City of New York in making Stapleton Waterfront site A the most prolific and progressive affordable housing development in New York City history. We plan on using our financial capacity to compete and negotiate the most equitable deal for the residents of Staten Island who have been waiting for affordable housing for generations. Residents of Staten Island interested in participating in this process should contact us on our website at,” Saint says.

To find out more about Saint, you can check out his website here.

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