Frankie Lee Found His Calling After Helping Two Women Get Bad Content Removed From The Internet. This Is His Story

Frankie Lee Found His Calling After Helping Two Women Get Bad Content Removed From The Internet. This Is His Story

Frankie Lee started his journey into business in a heroic manner. After seeing what something being posted on the internet could do to a reputation, Frankie was determined to find a way to help people. He began researching methods on how to remove content from the internet. It led him to a successful business.

“I started removing online content when a few female friends in the UK were struggling to remove some revenge porn images/videos. Once I learned of their struggle, I wanted to find a way to help. The girls had tried everything in their power to remove the content themselves and had even contacted the police.

I learned the whole process by trial and error over the following two weeks and successfully removed all the content. From there, I brought and set about contacting people who I thought I could help,” Frankie recounts.

After this moment, Frankie realized that there were so many people that he could help in life. However, he struggled to get his idea off the ground while dumping resources into the idea.

“The biggest challenge is validating your idea before you go putting a lot of time and resources into it. When I started, I didn’t start a fancy website and marketing. I found a set of people I thought I could help and I helped them remove content. From that point I just put the clients first and seeked out people who I thought I could help. It all gets built from there. Don’t go over complicating things, just start helping people,” Frankie explains.

Frankie did not always dream of being in the business world. His career started off in the boxing world where he was running high level matches, but he found a new calling for himself.

“I am a former pro boxing trainer who started to fight for celebs, influencers and brands online that are unfairly targeted by negative online content.

I worked at world title level in boxing most notably Jeff Horn vs Gary Corcoran for the WBO World Title in The Battle of Brisbane.

I started The Frankie Lee Podcast to change the game for how people approach personal development and entrepreneurship,” Frankie remarks.

When Frankie began this business, he made it his mission to ensure that he was not like any other company offering a similar product. He wanted to truly help people with the negative material that had been posted about them.

“Currently, I run – I mainly focus on helping celebs, influencers and brands remove online content that damages brand reputation & sales. We have differentiated ourselves by only looking after clients at a high level. We don’t just take jobs here, there, and everywhere. We only want to look after household brands, influencers and celebs who are looking for a content removal partner that cares about their online reputation and future opportunities. Other firms in our industry just take on everybody with no clear filter or direction,” Frankie comments.

As Frankie continues to work hard to help people improve their reputation, he is working on big projects in the coming months. He is hoping to help not only his usual customers, but also big celebrities who also need help.

“I am working on building content removal into an agency that looks after the biggest celeb and brand names in the world at scale. 

My biggest passion is my podcast The Frankie Lee Podcast which I aim to build into one of the biggest personal development podcasts in the world helping people break patterns and flip perspectives,” Frankie states.

To find out more about Frankie, you can check him out on instagram here and check out his website here.

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