Fresh & Fit Is The Place For Men To Find Advice On Relationships, Finances And Fitness

Fresh & Fit Is The Place For Men To Find Advice On Relationships, Finances And Fitness

Life is not only about preparing, working, and fulfilling our goals. Sometimes people are kept from achieving their objectives by the people around them. To succeed, people need not just a sound business, but also a healthy lifestyle and good company.

Understanding this, and the fact that in many ways men are at a great disadvantage in the market, Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines created Fresh & Fit. Through their content on their podcast, TikTok, and Instagram, as well as one-on-one they teach men about fitness, women and finances.

Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines started Fresh & Fit after a video call in which they noticed that they had similar interests. They had both been successful with women and in their own investments and lifestyles, so they decided to partner. 

“After training thousands of men worldwide in these three essential categories, our goal is to become the world’s number one podcast and personal development coach for men!”

Today they run a successful podcast and personal development business that has helped many clients worldwide with the pursuit of their purpose, having their finances in order, getting the women they want in life, and being in better shape with a better lifestyle.

We respond in real-time to live questions on our live programs, make video requests to the patreons, and consult clients in groups or individually. The foundation of the business is based on improving men’s lives and becoming the best versions of themselves as they navigate the current marketplace.” 

Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines noted the challenges for men to reach out and be in today’s marketplace. As seen in today’s marketplace most men don’t realize they need to be the best versions of themselves to win. 

Many men focus on women and never build a business, many men are not willing to improve their lives and have given up. In today’s marketplace, a personal brand, being in good shape and working on your purpose, whether it’s a job in your professional field or your own business, is important to living the best life possible.”

So Fresh & Fit started giving advice to men and they quickly reacted with results. Clients would share their content and Fresh & Fit grew very quickly. Right now, they are viral on TikTok, worldstarhiphop and have multiple articles written about them. 

“Our advice to people trying to start their own business is to find a need in their marketplace or on a global scale and make a product or service that can fulfill that need. Also make sure you know your target customer, everything about them, where they live, how old they are and also their thoughts when buying things.”

Knowing this and sharing this with their clients makes Fresh & Fit different from their competition. No one in their industry adds more value than they do by sharing their tips on things such as mindset.

“Mindset is key, when starting your own business you need to believe you’re going to win and put all your energy into your business. This is because some people want to have their own business but for the wrong reasons. They have heard it makes a lot of money but they are not really passionate about helping others with a specific problem.”

Fresh & Fit hold multiple Zoom calls for their customers and have a 24/7 Telegram chat for their high profile customers. They have also been able to connect with celebrities, YouTube stars, and influential people from around the world.

Yet, not everything has been rosy for Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines, especially given that their work is done in one of the most vibrant cities on the planet like Miami where it is very easy to lose your way with distractions.

The biggest obstacle has been staying on course and not getting distracted especially being here in Miami. Having fun and enjoying life can take a long time, but it’s about understanding the ultimate goal of your career to balance your time accordingly”

In the near future, Fresh & Fit is looking to expand their #1 podcast show in Miami to reach a wider audience. They will also continue to create better value for men through courses, YouTube, consulting and patreon.

“We have also started having training camps for serious men who want to learn from us in person and will expand this year. In this life, the best way to succeed is to add value to other people’s lives. We have been able to achieve this level of success through adding value to our networks and relationships.”

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