From Drugs, Violence, Then Anxiety, Fear And Rock Bottom To An Entrepreneur Who Is Helping Others Battle Their Demons: Max Hindle Is The Perfect Example Of The Power Of Determination

From Drugs, Violence, Then Anxiety, Fear And Rock Bottom To An Entrepreneur Who Is Helping Others Battle Their Demons: Max Hindle Is The Perfect Example Of The Power Of Determination

Max Hindle has an incredible story of struggle and overcoming addiction. His life shows how we are able to overcome many obstacles in our path. Max’s story begins with an accident that left him in terrible pain, loss of a friend, and drugs and drinking. His life now is one of rejuvenation and a determination to give back to others in a similar situation that he had been in.

“At age 16, I broke my back in a motorbike accident leaving me in so much pain and to the point I thought that I could have died. I said to myself over and over again that I would be fine (whether I was exaggerating or not I don’t know, but what I do know is that I was in excruciating pain). Later that year I lost a friend of mine in a very similar accident which made me think: LIFE IS SHORT, let’s go and ‘live’ my life, which led me down a road of drinking, drugs and complete self destruction. I found myself getting into fights, stealing, and barely even sleeping. Drugs consumed me for a while and were my saviour for some time. The drugs I took made me lose the real Max; I was fearful, anxious, unhappy and very unhealthy. It gave me false confidence but took my mind off everything for a few years.

I stopped working and went completely broke, I sold everything I once owned, tv, shoes, furniture and anything that could allow me to feed myself as at that time we all had no money. This is where my hunger for wealth came from. I had to learn how you could be happy with nothing because I had nothing. I learned the minimalism way of thinking and didn’t buy anything other than essential food for 2 years, even to the point of drinking protein shakes for a week as I hated to ask anyone for money as we were all in a bad situation,” Max recounts.

Slowly, Max began to pull himself out of this struggle by using what used to drive him to drugs to now drive him towards a passion of entrepreneurship. However, it wasn’t until he took a renewing trip to Bali and then to Peru that he truly unlocked his full potential and began working on his true calling.

“I slowly began to stop taking drugs and then started to even pick up books in their place (mainly audio books as I used to really struggle to read). I acquired a lot of anxiety, fear and very very dark thoughts, to the point where people even questioned them and how I was. I had to change, and this is when I began to go to seminars and brought courses on how to be confident and even run a business. Eventually this led me to starting 9 businesses (that all failed).

My spiritual journey began. I traveled to Bali and went full force with helping people with what helped me for completely free and then even booked to go to Peru to take part in 2 ayahuasca ceremonies,” Max explains.

These two trips were the inspiration for the business that Max now runs: Max Hypnotherapy. He is trying to help as many people as possible to defeat all of the things that plague them. Whether it is physical or emotional pain, Max can help people overcome any obstacle they face.

“I run a Hypnotherapy business to help people release all past pain, traumas and struggles and then reprogram their minds for happiness, success, abundance, fulfilment and confidence. (anything that you desire). My coaching programs are my most sought after services as I don’t just do a session and let you go, I much prefer to work with you to ensure the lasting changes stick and even progress. My goal is to get you to the outcome as soon as possible,” Max says.

Max is not just any therapist though. He truly helps people reflect and change. He is reaching masses of people at an unparalleled level because of this.

“I am not just a coach who advises; I actively help reprogram your subconscious mind for long lasting change and understand your struggle because I also come from the deepest darkest places of drugs, violence and then anxiety and maybe even depression,” Max remarks.

To find out more about Max, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.

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