From Earning Minimum Wage To Building His Own Coaching Business, Keala Kanae Embodies Perseverance Like No Other

From Earning Minimum Wage To Building His Own Coaching Business, Keala Kanae Embodies Perseverance Like No Other

Working in a coffee shop for minimum wage and failing at his entrepreneurial dreams for 12 years straight, Keala Kanae  had no hope. He was so low in his life, that the only birthday gift he could afford for his girlfriend of 7 years was a used purse that his mom was taking to Goodwill. At that point, Keala took a hard look in the mirror and decided he could no longer afford to stay stuck in these circumstances. He got serious about both his life and business. He began as a digital marketing affiliate and was able to make 5-figures per month.

“I love marketing and sales. I failed at it for over a decade in multiple business ventures but I knew that if I could just master the art and science of influence, I’d be able to write my own check for life.”

Keala was able to make millions in sales, but he knew that he had a more meaningful purpose in life. He launched his own online coaching business in 2016, making almost $20M in his first year. He was able to generate over 100 million views on his YouTube ads, more than 2 million leads, and more than 30,000 customers. Now, he gets to do what he loves by teaching aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs to grow their business with online advertising, funnels, social media, etc.

“There’s no paycheck that’s nearly as rewarding, for me, as seeing someone’s life and business skyrocket because of what they learned from their experience with us.”

Through the belief that everyone has something remarkable to offer the world, Keala trains entrepreneurs to bring their unique gifts to life and to market. He not only teaches business, but he also teaches the importance of mindset, as he has extensive knowledge of human behavior and transformational training. 

“In our training, we have a saying that success is the marriage of skillset and mindset. Mindset without skillset is a fantasy and skillset without mindset is a nightmare, but put the two together and you unlock the dream.”

As a coach, he of course has some tips for those of you looking to start your own business. First, figure out your values – it’s not enough to just know your company values, but you also need to be clear on what your personal values are. Next, love the journey you’re on, not the destination. Your chief aim in starting a business should never be a revenue number – this will not stand the test of time in the long run. Finally, become a student of the game. It’s a constant learning process and a never ending pursuit. 

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