Having Gone From Broke To Millionaire, Seth Kniep Is Teaching Others How To Take Control Of Their Lives

Having Gone From Broke To Millionaire, Seth Kniep Is Teaching Others How To Take Control Of Their Lives

To go from broke to wealthy, Seth Kniep, Co-Founder of ‘Just One Dime,’ had to overcome major obstacles. At his lowest point, Seth was broke in his finances and his marriage, using his salary raises to fund his coffee addiction. He worked for Apple, yet despite outperforming 800 coworkers in the sales department, he never could get ahead, living from one bill to the next. 

“I spent my days building someone else’s dream. Apple owned me. While my death-by-paycheck 9 to 5 slowly sucked the life out of me, the one house we owned—a beautiful four bed three bath home—foreclosed,” Seth shares. 

One day Seth reached a breaking point. He turned to his wife, “I’m building a new life for our family.” He began to research how to build other income streams. That’s when an  idea spawned that would change his life: 

“I picked up a dime. ‘How many times would I have to double this to reach $100,000?’ I grabbed a calculator. Twenty times. ‘That can’t be true!’ I re-did the math. Yes. Double a dime 20 times and it explodes to exactly $104,857.60. Suddenly I knew what I needed to do,” Seth stated. 

Seth turned his dime into $400 just from asking random people he met downtown. Seth invested this money into a store on Ebay and then Amazon. Through trial and error, his Amazon store slowly began to grow until his single dime turned into more than $100,000 in just 6 months. This led Seth to quit his job at Apple, and just a few months later, he reached the $1M revenue goal. 

The biggest change Seth experienced, however, was not inside his bank account but inside his heart. Seth realized that building a business required taking ownership for his own life and character faults. At times, it was heart-wrenching but today he shares that he wouldn’t trade it for anything. People began to seek his advice for selling on Amazon so Seth began to help them. He slowly discovered he had a passion to coach people. Seth shares:

“The number of requests grew so I started to charge for coaching. The number kept growing until my passive income was not so passive anymore. One night my son and I locked ourselves inside Dominican Joe’s Coffee shop (now Bennu Coffee) in Austin, TX and refused to go home until we had a full-fledged plan for teaching people how to sell on Amazon. The teaching had to accomplish three goals:  1. Be extremely thorough. 2. Be step-by-step. 3. Be holistic.”

Today, Seth and his team have taught entrepreneurs in 150+ countries  how to build a new life even if they have to begin with something as small as a dime. To date and counting, they have trained 27 students into becoming millionaires and continue to inspire individuals to create a life that allows them to enjoy freedom. 

Seth has consulted with Amazon, worked with one of Shark Tank’s sharks, and trained top businesses in multiple countries. Today, Seth’s business runs a full time sourcing team in China and manages over 100 million in annual Amazon revenue for name brands and silent investors. This year, Seth and his team are building businesses for people with capital who don’t want to go through the hassle of learning how to sell on Amazon. 

Seth started with just a dime.  No matter how little you have to start with, you can build your life into something so much more if you are just willing. Seth shares: 

“The only thing that gets between you and your success is you. Believe this and you will instinctively start making the right choices that can lead you to profound success. You have to take ownership for everything: failures and successes. You must be willing to fall down, lots. The key is not if you fall down, but if you keep getting back up again.” 

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