How Chef Jamar Griddine Became A 21-Year-Old Catering Prodigy

How Chef Jamar Griddine Became A 21-Year-Old Catering Prodigy

At only 21 years old, Chef Jamar Griddine is already making a name for himself in the culinary world. A native of Kansas City, Jamar runs a catering business that offers catering for weddings, anniversaries, private events, in-home services, as well as private, celebrity, and travel chef options. Even at such a young age, Jamar has an impressive list of accomplishments and is known by many around him as an old soul – someone that has truly grown and learned from the trials and tribulations he’s faced. 

“I started baking with my mom at first. She really taught me everything about baking. In high school, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go to Herndon Career Center where I focused in Culinary Arts. From there, I got to expand my mind around the food industry. After high school I made lots of connections, won competitions, and joined different organizations to get my name out there. I was able to do it all with the help of my people, my supporters, family, friends, and mentors,” Jamar says. 

Young success often comes from a place of strong motivation, and for Jamar, this is absolutely true. He is motivated by his faith and the people around him that offer constant support. Whenever Jamar doubts anything – his skillset, his experience, or his prices – his mentors are there to reassure him. 

“I am still learning the business today, but I love learning. As I get older, I hope to someday be able to write a book about everything I’ve learned throughout my life. It’s a blessing to be able to inspire, motivate and encourage young people,” Jamar says. 

Beyond his mentors in the industry, Jamar also finds daily inspiration in his family and mother, who was the one that introduced him to the art of cooking. While helping their mom in the kitchen after school and on the weekends might be a dreaded task for some, for Jamar at a young age, it was a dream come true. 

“It was fun because my mom made it fun. The late nights where she’d let me watch the cake and take it out of the oven when it was done, or let me mix the eggs, vanilla, and milk together, or even when she’d ask me to wash the dishes for her! These memories and the moments that I had with my mom and family are ones I will never forget,” Jamar shares. 

With his mother’s early support, Jamar was able to get a head start in the industry that lead him to being able to differentiate himself from competition at an early age, when many are just finding their footing in the business world. 

“My catering makes my clients feel like royalty. What sets me apart is my recipes; they aren’t your everyday recipes. Instead, I infuse them with other recipes and am always creating something new. My team is full of determined and passionate people like me. I am always smiling, I always put others before myself, and prioritize my energy, my drive, my passion, and my ambition,” Jamar outlines. 

In the next year, Jamar’s focus is to find new ways to operate in the industry despite COVID restrictions, by exploring how he’s able to pivot his business in terms of marketing and food sales. 

“I’m going to finish this year strong. I’ve already been able to gain more clients, to travel, and go out town to cook. My goal in the next year is to continue to be the best that I can. I am already planning for next year as we speak,” Jamar says. 

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