How Coach Kylie Built A Multidimensional Health And Wellness Empire

How Coach Kylie Built A Multidimensional Health And Wellness Empire

Kylie Churnetski, known to her clients as Coach Kylie, understands how to support women in all facets of their life – physically, internally, and mentally. Kylie runs a health and wellness company that helps women to become their healthiest and most confident selves. She truly is a “one-stop-shop” of a coach – instead of her clients seeing a life coach, a personal trainer, a dietitian, and more, Kylie is able to do it all. 

“I believe there has to be a balance between your physical, internal, and mental health to become your best self. Because I have a background as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, 500 hour yoga therapist, health and wellness coach, and a future dietitian (RD2B), I am able to coach women in every aspect of their journey. Deciding to make the change is the first step. Once you do, allow me to help you learn, grow, and stay accountable,” Kylie says. 

Kylie began her own health journey seven years ago, and she fell in love with how she felt: energetic, strong, confident, and happy. 

“I never wanted to stop, which is why I continued consistently exercising and eating well. Kylie recalls. From there, I wanted to help other women gain resources and knowledge to feel the same way,” 

Having gone through the journey herself, Kylie understands that there’s a huge barrier when women try to start their path toward a happier self. Often, they don’t know where to begin. Kylie’s personal experience, as well as her multifaceted experience and certifications that make her a well-rounded health coach. Not only is a one-dimensional approach to a healthy life extremely ineffective, the alternative with single-minded trainers can get incredibly expensive – imagine seeing many professionals all at once, and the thousands of dollars that you would need to pay them! 

“I believe that our health is intertwined by many factors such as nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, our thoughts, and more. This multidimensional approach is so successful because there are no missing pieces from a client seeing multiple professionals. My methods create simple building blocks each week, and by the end of our time together, the client has built their own empire, and they’re in charge of it. Then they are in charge of their life in a way that wasn’t possible before,” Kylie explains. 

Kylie was motivated, not only to share the benefits of her journey with others, but also to change an industry she saw as needing an upgrade. When she started her company in late 2017, she saw the health and wellness industry as a plethora of elite fitness influencers providing workouts and nutrition advice based on what was successful for themselves on a personal level. 

“In reality, changing your lifestyle both physically and internally is not one-size-fits-all. There are so many factors such as age, weight, height, your goals, any injuries, access to a gym or home workouts, and what is sustainable for your life. I help women make realistic changes that are meant for their specific needs. Women deserve more than to be boxed into one ideal goal, body type, workout, or diet plan. This is why I help create an achievable path for women when it comes to making the right lifestyle changes for them,” Kylie says. 

Personalizing her efforts to each of her clients is a big part of Kylie’s philosophy. When beginning to coach a new client, she will often ask them what specific obstacles they are facing when it comes to reaching their goals. Then, she works to break down each barrier and discuss how to work around it and prepare so that they can still strive towards success.

“There will always be an obstacle in the way. Maybe that’s fear of change, financials, motivation, a support system, etc. In our sessions I ask: how do we break those down? It is something that holds us back, and we have to acknowledge them. It doesn’t have to be a full on hurdle. Take it day by day, step by step,” Kylie says. 

Within the next year, Kylie has an ambitious goal of reaching women all over the world. She already has clients in the United States, England, Ireland, Australia, and Kuwait, so this feels like an obtainable goal to her. 

“My goals in life are to make a difference to those around me. All women have goals to be healthier, happier, and more confident, now it’s easily accessible. As an online coach I am able to reach out to the world without any borders or restrictions,” Kylie says. 

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