How Gabby S. Jefferson’s Role As A Mother Inspired Her To Become An App Developer And Entrepreneur

How Gabby S. Jefferson’s Role As A Mother Inspired Her To Become An App Developer And Entrepreneur

Gabby S. Jefferson is a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. She graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and has spent her entire life in Atlanta, Georgia. Before starting her own business, Gabby was not unhappy, but was not satisfied either. It was not until she had her daughter, Journee Anna Joy, that she decided to take control of her life. It was during this time that Gabby received the most judgment and was constantly put down by others. 

“At this moment I recognized my power. Life will drive you into being content with your surroundings if you let it. I changed the people who I was around and now when I speak of my success, it’s not a dread, it’s an embrace and I am happy to keep succeeding,” Gabby states. 

Her idea for her business began when her husband had an idea for a mobile app. After looking into options for building the app and being disappointed time and time again, Gabby came up with the idea of her business, Anna Apps, which she named after her daughter. Gabby characterizes Anna Apps as a simple, robust, and affordable way to build a mobile app. It is a mobile app development company dedicated to creating mobile applications for entrepreneurs who are looking to build their communities, communicate with their consumers, provide a space for personalized content, and increase their income. 

“The apps we create are functional on both the Apple IOS store and Google play store. Our platform allows your app to grow at the pace of your company; Our clients have access to a dashboard that helps them monitor, edit, and update their app in real-time. Each app is created without coding, so the owner has access to update their app as they need to; giving them control on the growth of their business, brand, and app. Our goal was to create a system that provides the entrepreneur with control. Along with the app development, we give all of our client’s workshops on using their dashboard and maintaining their app,” explains Gabby. 

At Anna Apps, customer service is at the top of their list. Gabby and her team provide exceptional customer service and are dedicated to providing customers a vip experience. Each app that is created is done so within a specific time period, which is usually less than 6 weeks, and is crafted to suit the specific business’ brand. Anna Apps also allows entrepreneurs to be able to edit, manage, and publish changes to their apps as much as they need to. Additionally, the team at Anna Apps hosts a one-on-one video call with each customer in order to teach them how to work the dashboard and how to manage their own mobile app. Hence, Anna Apps really puts the control at the businesses’ fingertips. 

Through her business, Gabby has been able to achieve financial freedom and control of her time. However, Gabby manages many roles at once: 

“I am an entrepreneur, mother and wife. The commitment level of each of these roles are about the same, however the emotional attachment and what they require are completely different. As a mother I am nurturing, concerned, more emotional. As a wife I have to be supportive and available and as a minority female run business owner I have  to be able to put my emotions aside, execute for my clients and be stringent in getting exactly what my clients need. Each role requires a different level of who I am and I need to be ready to fulfill every role at any time, even if they are happening at the same time. This challenge is something I welcome with grace and the ability to handle it all is what I consider my super power,” Gabby shares. 

This year, Gabby is focused on continuing to provide entrepreneurs and businesses a more affordable and efficient way of building apps for their communities and brand. Furthermore, Gabby would like to provide a space for others to speak about their experiences and give advice on how to deal with the challenges that come with being a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. 

When it comes to advice for other entrepreneurs, Gabby shares the following words of encouragement:

“Set intentions and goals for yourself and your business. Setting intentions allows you to stay grounded and setting goals gives you a way to measure your success. You have to be able to grow with your business and have your business grow with you. Without setting clear goals or intentions you could end up lost, confused or worse giving up. In choosing the type of business you start, add strategy. Don’t just start a business because you are passionate. Understand how you will be able to make income from your passion. Make a list and then start implementing it. Starting a business based on passion alone could put you in a position of regret and possibly have you despise something you love.” 

To learn more about Gabby, follow her on Instagram here and make sure to check out Anna Apps. 

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