How To Leverage Social Media To Improve Your Dating Life: Freshprinceceo Shows Us How

How To Leverage Social Media To Improve Your Dating Life: Freshprinceceo Shows Us How

Walter Weekes, better known as Freshprinceceo, always knew he was destined for greatness. From growing up on the small island of Barbados, he had a dream to immigrate to the US and live the American dream. 

“I came from an island where the most expensive car is a range rover. Most people never leave, but I  knew I was destined for more,” Freshprinceceo says. 

After a near fatal motorcycle accident, Freshprinceceo finally had the courage to pack his bags and move to Miami, leaving behind his friends and family, all to pursue his dream. 

After hustling, networking, and benefiting off his natural talent of connecting with people, Freshprinceceo is now the co-host of one of the most coveted podcasts in Miami, where he teaches men from all over the world how to improve their social media brand, lifestyle, and dating life. 

As a dating and lifestyle coach, he encourages his followers to become better men, not only for themselves, but for those around them. He knows the high value of creating a social media following to attract what you want. 

“I would always watch other content creators on Youtube. It helped me get focused and not chase women all the time. You could say this business literally fell into my lap because I was busy with real estate investing when this came up. After participating and adding value to a fellow content creator, I was invited on his show, and the rest is history,” Freshprinceceo recalls. 

From his first taste of success, it only grew. People who liked the interview began to message Freshprinceceo on Instagram for more insight and information on how he achieved his lifestyle and dating beautiful women. It showed that there was a market for his knowledge, and, on an even deeper level, it showed many men didn’t know how to progress in life or even talk to women properly. 

“After seeing the problem men have with women, and finding my own purpose, it made me realize I have a lot to offer. I remember one day, I was on my friend’s yacht he said to me: You have a lot of value to add to the world. Why don’t you make a course and a Youtube channel?” Freshprinceceo says. 

Following his friend’s advice proved to be a great decision, as six months later, Freshprinceceo has over 300 members on Pateron and 30k subscribers on Youtube. 

“One of our clients used social media to meet his beautiful girlfriend from Colombia, so the results inspire even me,” Freshprinceceo says. 

To his clients and for those looking to start their own businesses, Freshprinceceo emphasises the importance of mindset. Without this, he believes, it’s impossible to handle challenges that arise, as they inevitably will in the day to day. 

“Trust and believe any person starting a business will have bad days and getting past those bad days separate the successful from the unsuccessful,” Freshprinceceo says. 

Freshprinceceo also encourages new entrepreneurs to be patient. Good things take time, and this is no different in business. Time and patience is needed for a successful business to gain traction, and entrepreneurs may not see success right away. While waiting, Freshprinceceo tells his clients to focus their efforts on marketing their self-image. 

“You can be the best carpenter, plumber in the world, but if no one knows who you are, how can you possibly get clients? You need to market yourself. Make a plan you can follow and allow time for, and then market yourself to others through ads and other avenues,” Freshprinceceo explains. 

In the next year, Freshprinceceo will be focusing on his Instagram course that he’s built with his business partner, Myron Gaines. They already have record sales and testimonials with it, and are excited for their audience to grow. On top of that, he will be continuing his podcast from the Panorama Tower in Miami where he interviews high profile people who have found success by following their dreams and goals. 

Be sure to stay up to date with what Freshprinceceo is conquering next on his Instagram.

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