Interview With Ariel Levy: 19-Year-Old Athlete Manager

Interview With Ariel Levy: 19-Year-Old Athlete Manager

What exactly do you do for a career?

Manager for NBA and NFL players. I handle everything off the court and off the field for them as well as day to day operations for them.

What was the process for you to find what you wanted to do?

I’ve been a big sports fan and wanted to see how I can get involved in the industry, so I kept researching what these athletes want and need and just went after it.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Having the opportunity to work with people that I looked up to as a huge fan growing up. Just a few years ago I never would have thought I would meet these people, let alone representing them as their manager.

Can you tell us about your company?

I created my company ASL Sports Group four years ago and have had great success with it representing close to 40 Million Dollars in contracts. I recently have started another agency called Forever Young Management, which focuses on social media growth for hundreds of athletes as well as the business management side for many people.

What is your greatest success so far?

Signing my first NBA client at the age of 17 was the biggest thing that has happened yet. Living in New York and having the opportunity of representing Michael Beasley up until now, but being able to represent him while he was in New York with the Knicks was a great experience for me.

What do you want your audience to know?

It doesn’t matter how hard it can look to be successful in such a cut-throat business. All you need is a grind and determination to be successful in whatever you want to achieve.

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