Irrael Gómez Has An Incredible Career Of Consulting, Digital Marketing, Lecturing, and Much More. The Entrepreneur Shares His Story

Irrael Gómez Has An Incredible Career Of Consulting, Digital Marketing, Lecturing, and Much More. The Entrepreneur Shares His Story

Irrael Gómez has an incredible career of creating opportunities in the entrepreneurial world in Venezuela. His resume contains an impressive amount of experience in the consulting and digital marketing world as well as prominence as a lecturer on numerous topics pertaining to the digital world.

“I am Irrael Gómez, consultant, and Digital Marketing strategist famous for being one of the most important digital content generators in Venezuela. I am also a lecturer in marketing and neuromarketing strategies with great entrepreneurial success.

In my experience and practice as a marketing consultant, my philosophy has been based on “looking for a problem to turn it into an opportunity”. I think my difference lies there, I love working with chaos and that is why I have dedicated myself in recent years to converting the conflicts of the companies and personalities with whom I work into success opportunities. My expertise is in making out of difficult moments a profitable business,” Irrael explains.

His company, unlike many other companies, is a master in the world of chaos and crisis management. His goal is to fit the needs of each and every person that he works with in order to help them best manage their business. 

“My company is a marketing and communications consultancy agency specializing in chaos management and reputation crisis management. I have a multidisciplinary team of professionals covering areas such as journalism, photographic and audiovisual production, political science, marketing and advertising, graphic design, finance, and law.

In this agency, we generate content aligned to the commercial objectives of each brand, using digital platforms and media as a springboard in order to generate interactions with the target audience and in our consultancies we offer comprehensive campaigns, ready for markets’ new trends and each client’s specific needs,” Irrael remarks.

Though now he is a well known name in the field, Irrael did not start off in the marketing business. He began his journey in the pharmaceutical business, but decided that he wanted more for himself.

“I worked for more than a decade in the pharmaceutical industry and it was there that I was trained in marketing, so in 2012 in an impulse to “transcend”, I decided to form my company under the name of Street Marketing and with that philosophy, since then I have managed the customers who have come to me. I don’t like conventionalities, that’s why one day I said: “I want to work in a place where I don’t have a schedule, where I can wear what I want and which is my own” and out of these banal needs, which motivated me on first place, I built a profitable business that has notoriety in Latin America and within the Hispanic audience in the United States,” Irrael states.

Irrael has never slowed down from there. He had three huge years between 2015 and 2018 where he traveled and gave conferences around the world and launched himself fully into his work. It was a massively successful venture that Irrael has built off of.

“From 2015 to 2018, I had a conference named ‘Follow Me,’ of approximately 120 minutes, under the edutainment format where along with my team of digital marketing experts we established a connection with the audience, transmitting through real examples and knowledge ways to do marketing with the least possible investment and in the simplest way. Showing success stories about the functionality of digital marketing in everyday life which left the public curious and eager to learn more.

In 3 years, we toured 15 cities in Venezuela with over 100 presentations, as well as various countries such as the United States, Colombia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Mexico, receiving more than 140 thousand spectators in all the presentations, most sold out.

Since 2018 I have been doing ILINX, a conference that irreverently and transgressively addresses the cases of digital marketing and social networks that have set a precedent in recent years, where users are building the history of human behavior through social media. I approach chaos from a perspective that we are not used to, because CHAOS generates fear and rejection to most. How to channel it towards your objective has been a fundamental factor in the success of many campaigns in the world that have started with the trigger of a crisis,” Irrael says.

To find out more about Irrael, you can follow him on instagram here.

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