Jeff Simpson Jr. Shows Us What True Resiliency Looks Like By Refusing To Give Up When He Had To File For Bankruptcy

Jeff Simpson Jr. Shows Us What True Resiliency Looks Like By Refusing To Give Up When He Had To File For Bankruptcy

Trial and error is something that we all have to go through at some point in our lives. Whether it be for small tasks or for finding our career path, it can be a tedious process that people do not have the patience for. Jeff Simpson Jr. on the other hand, went through numerous jobs and kept coming back to get back on his feet and try again.

“What makes my story unique is mostly and always the comeback. I had been an insurance agent since the age of 20 or for 17 years. I made a great living. I had always had a passion for the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry. I tried several companies in and out over the years. In 2006, I took a break from the insurance industry to dip into the real estate market. I got caught in the housing bubble and unfortunately had to file bankruptcy in 2009.” Recounts Jeff.

For many people, this would have been the end of their tale. For Jeff, it was just the beginning of his success. He got back on his feet and tried the insurance and real estate industries again. In 2014, Jeff’s big moment came. This was the big break that he was looking for, and he finally achieved the success that he was looking for and achieved financial freedom. 

“I got back into the insurance industry and after 4 years, my wife and I got back on our feet.  During those years in real estate, I also tried a few more Direct Sales companies. After 2007, I said I was done. I gave up. Then in 2014, another opportunity arose and I gave it one more shot. It was that opportunity my wife and I had dreamed of. We became multiple 7 figure earners in that opportunity.  The dream came true!” Jeff remembers.

Jeff had to struggle to get to where he is today. He had to conquer numerous obstacles and survive all of the trials and tribulations. Now, he is sharing his story with others to try and inspire them to do the same and not give when things get tough because it was those tough moments that made him the successful person he is today. 

“Because of our acquired experience and skillset, we are on a mission to help others. We are in the process of writing our book, which was one of our lifetime goals.” Explains Jeff.

For those who are trying to start their own business, Jeff acknowledges that you will face challenges, but if you have the right mindset and a good team of people around you to work with, anything is possible. For Jeff, he had the help of his wife who got him through the hard times.

“My wife has been a huge factor in my role of having major success. We’ve been together for 21 years total and married for 19 years. My advice for starting a business is go for it! Try to build a solid team with people who have certain expertise in the area. Mindset is also everything. It’s where it all starts; having an entrepreneurial mindset.” Advises Jeff.

For his next projects, Jeff is focusing on paying his success forward. He hopes to keep progressing with his book amongst other things. He is also planning on trying to create new projects to keep building his successes as well as enjoy more of his financial freedom with his wife. 

For me, success means paying it forward and helping others achieve success as well by teaching them how to do it as well. Our next projects are our book, upcoming speaking engagements, personal branding projects, and inspirational events.” States Jeff.

To find out more information about Jeff Simpson Jr., you can follow him on Instagram @jeffsimpsonjr.

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