Joshua Crisp's Success Story: From High School Dropout To Self-Made Millionaire Before 30

Joshua Crisp's Success Story: From High School Dropout To Self-Made Millionaire Before 30

Joshua Crisp is an Amazon expert and seller, as well as a real estate investor. He also has an accomplished online education company and a software company. But he wasn’t always the figure of success that he is today! He started out as a high school dropout making minimum wage of $7.25 an hour hand sorting through trash. With hard work and a lot of perseverance, Joshua was able to work his way up to 7 figures through his Amazon business and reinvesting back into real estate. 

Because he always knew there was a better life for himself out there, Joshua strived toward it. His mentor at the time pointed him toward Amazon, which he saw as the next big thing. From there, Joshua focused his efforts, and luckily, he was right. After his first three products failed, his fourth one was a big success and changed his life. 

“From no highschool diploma, degree, credit or money working a minimum wage job hand-sorting through trash, I was able to become a self made millionaire before the age of 30.” Explains Joshua. 

Motivated by his family and wanting to provide a better life for them, Joshua was inspired to start his business. He was then further inspired to move into his current industry as he remembered where he was and knew that information could change many peoples’ lives.

“Remembering where I was and knowing how the information can change others lives is what inspired me to get into this business.” Joshua recounts.

Joshua now teaches thousands of students how he was able to become so successful. His 7 figure blueprint shows students the exact step by step strategy that Joshua followed to become a millionaire before he turned 30, allowing them to do the same. Crips helps others start their business, applying his blueprint to success in others’ lives. When starting a new business, Joshua knows how important your mindset is to working toward success. 

“The enemy is in the inner me and if it’s meant to be then it’s up to me. Mindset is more important than the mechanics. People don’t give up because they don’t “know” what to do, they give up because they don’t know when it will work!” Joshua says.

For his students that he helps start their own business, Joshua’s biggest advice is patience. The goal for his students and those he helps is to get them to a place of success. For Joshua, this means financial freedom & location independence. Financial freedom, in turn, means doing what he wants.

“Patience, persistence, resilience, don’t give up and set realistic expectations! To me, financial freedom is doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want.” Joshua outlines.

When asked about the most difficult challenges to starting a new business, Joshua says the biggest challenge is not giving up. He understands that in addition to the mindset when you start, tenacity and determination are essential to anyone who wants financial success. While this can certainly be difficult, Joshua is a great example of the success that can come to those who work for it.

“Not giving up, the true failure is not starting or giving up too soon is the biggest obstacle for me.” Joshua States.

From his humble beginnings, Joshua has now built three world-recognized brands that have made millions of dollars in revenue each year. He has reinvested his profits to commercial and residential real estate and has helped over 2000 people get started or scale their Amazon business. From overcoming the big obstacles of being a high school drop out, a minority, and a felon, Joshua remained relentless, passionate, and will always give the shirt off his back to work toward success. He firmly believes that 

Amazon will make you rich, Real Estate will keep you rich. Your current situation is not your final destination!” Joshua exclaims.

You can find more about Joshua Crisp on his website,, including mentorship, testimonials of students, Youtube links, his podcast, free training resources, and The 7 Figure Blueprint: the AMZ Formula that took Joshua from $7.25 to 7 figures and teaches that anything is possible with his business and amazon.
You can also followJoshua on his Instagram: @officialjoshuacrisp and you can check out his website at

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