JT Martin Is Bringing Creativity And Branding Tools Around The World By Using His Talents As An Artist And Entrepreneur

JT Martin Is Bringing Creativity And Branding Tools Around The World By Using His Talents As An Artist And Entrepreneur

JT Martin is an artist who is innovating in the world of branding, creative content, and much more. As he explains, “I am a 23 year old artist and content creator, traveling, and working with some of today’s most recognized businesses and influencers. I’m the guy they call when it comes to content creation, filmmaking, photography, design, branding, or when they need to build an effective marketing campaign.” What began as a hobby for JT became a profession as he honed his talents into a skill that he could use to help others perfect their brand image and create incredible content to share with the world.

“I have figured out how to turn something that was once a hobby into a profitable business after years of mastering my craft starting at 16 years old while I was flunking all of my high school classes because I was so focused on building my skillset and crafting my talent. I’d like to not only be known as a creative for brands and companies to hire, but also be there for other photographers, videographers, and designers to look up to for motivation, someone who shows them that your imagination can truly become your biggest asset and you can earn a great living and an amazing lifestyle doing what you love without going to college or being a doctor, lawyer, etc,” JT explains.

JT has always had an interest in creating and inventing. From a young age, he was already inspired to get into the world of business and wanted to begin his own businesses. He describes some of his business endeavours: “I’ve been intrigued by business since I was a little kid. I used to invent ridiculous things on a little yellow notepad which I still have till this day. Once I was given a camera for my 16th Birthday, I chose to commit to becoming the best I could be and eventually grow a business out of it. A few years after consistently building up my portfolio and graduating high-school, I moved to Florida from NY and took a job as a multimedia artist at a local studio. Shortly after, leaving to start my own company and landing a contract with a very successful businessman and author by the name of Pejman Ghadimi. Then things just took off. I started getting gigs left and right, traveling at least twice a month for business and working with some very well known names. Knowing how to get in with the right people was always a big focus of mine. I knew who I wanted to be around and would do anything it took to get in the same room as them. I really used my camera and talent as a tool to place myself in the right environments.”

He goes on to say more about his relationship with business:

“I’ve always hated the status quo. The idea that you have to go to college to become a “somebody” never made any sense to me. I’ve always wanted to push the boundaries and show people that it is possible to do what you love without having some crazy expensive education or having to work in corporate America. I believe that if you truly want something and you believe it with every bit of your soul, it will work. It will be one hell of a journey, but it will work. I’ve always believed I was capable of anything and nothing will ever change that..” JT recounts.

Now the owner of Agency 906, JT is making his mark in the creative space. Even as he is running this business and doing a lot to help brands and influencers, he is beginning a program to educate fellow creators on how to take their passions of creativity to the business world. He also has plans to travel in 2021 to the world’s most exotic destinations while bringing brand’s products with him to create content around the world!

“I am building an educational platform and community called “Paid 2 Create” for people who want to learn how to become full-time photographers, filmmakers, and designers showing them how to build a business and lifestyle out of it like I’ve been able to do. In 2021 I’ll be traveling to the world’s most exotic places and plan to partner with brand’s to create unique visuals and campaigns for their products. I’m also developing and implementing a new approach within my creative agency to help companies of all sizes drive massive revenue, virality, and brand presence through my creative content creation and unmatched marketing strategies,” JT remarks.

JT has been working with renowned names as well as big companies and helping all of them with their brand recognition. He has worked with numerous well known entrepreneurs and helped them all with crafting their personal brands in a way that helps them stand out from their competition.

“I’ve worked with some very well known people like Pejam Ghadimi, Burgerfi, Founder of 1UP Nutrition, Fam Mirza, Grant Cardone, Tim Sykes, Andy Frisella, Tom Bilyeu, Jason Stone, and many others,” JT states.

To find out more about JT, you can follow him on Instagram @jt_martin. You can check out his website here.

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