Kyle Depiesse, A Master At Debt Reduction And Money Mindset, Shares His Secrets To Financial Freedom

Kyle Depiesse, A Master At Debt Reduction And Money Mindset, Shares His Secrets To Financial Freedom

Kyle Depiesse, Experience Creator and Community Builder, was living paycheck to paycheck like most of us, without any sense of financial security or freedom. One day, out of curiosity, he looked up how much money he had earned in his lifetime. To his surprise, he had made well over one million dollars. Along with his wife, they had earned well over 2 million dollars, but had nothing to show for it. “Where did it all go?,” they wondered. This pushed Kyle to have a major epiphany, which changed his life. 

Throughout the next 38 months, Kyle and his wife paid off just under $380,000 and became completely debt free. At that time, Kyle not only pressed pause on his career in order to spend more time at home with their son, but also trained and completed his first Ironman in 2018, and built a six figure coaching and consulting business. 

“Transitioning from Corp America to entrepreneurship wasn’t easy. There isn’t a training program you go through when you start a business.  There isn’t a mentor assigned to you.  It’s a lot of “ready, fire, aim,” states Kyle. 

Kyle’s business has two branches. First, he runs money mindset and debt reduction coaching programs and provides video courses that teach the lessons he’s learned through his own debt-free journey. Second, he runs a men’s in-destination masterminds program. 

As a coach, Kyle differentiates himself through his unique approach: 

“Many debt free programs out there focus on debt reduction through tactical action steps to help cut spending.  I believe this diligence is important to help reduce expenses and get spending under control.  However, this is only half the equation. My wife and I went through our debt free journey paying off as much as we did because we played both offense and defense. We focused on increasing our income because to us it was more important to double our income as opposed to cutting our expenses in half.” Kyle explains. 

Hence, Kyle addresses the offense, defense, and mindset components in personal finance, which is something that other programs lack. As such, his personal finance offerings are designed to speed up someone’s timeline to paying off debt by not just focusing on the financial aspect, but also creating the mindset that is needed to be able to follow through with it. As Kyle shares, 

“We’ve all been sent signals around money at a young age that develops a subconscious relationship and script that plays out in our head.  And unless we become aware of it and do the work to change the script, we have this tendency to find ourselves in a loop and replaying the script and pattern. I think creating a strong mindset around self belief and self worth is the first step to starting your own business. I address mindset first in my personal finance offerings because I think it is the most important.”

This is why Kyle created his personal finance offerings to be more holistic as compared to other programs, so that they can truly create transformations for his clients. 

Furthermore, having been a corporate executive and personal growth “junkie,” Kyle has been to lots of mastermind workshops and conferences out there. For Kyle, these seemed dull and uninspiring. Because of this, he wanted to bring an exclusive and intimate group together so that they could truly make change happen. 

As Kyle shares, 

“We learn by doing. We don’t learn by listening to someone else’s presentation. I also don’t see a lot of masterminding for men. As a result of all this, I saw an opportunity to create something new and unique. In both instances, creating personal finance offerings and men’s masterminds, I had a desire to see things done a different way. To break the traditional path/mold and add my own unique touch on things.”

For those of you who are looking to start your own business, take Kyle’s advice. Knowing the challenges one faces when starting a business, Kyle encourages you to “keep going back to your why and work on building self belief.” Furthermore, create boundaries, and set your priorities straight, but never stop finding ways to have fun. Finally, seek and build a community with like-minded people that you can lean on. 

“To me, strength comes from vulnerability.  Asking for help.  Seeking a tribe of people that will simultaneously support you and ask the tough questions,” Kyle states. 

For the upcoming year, Kyle has two bucket list experiences planned for high performing men that are highly curated and designed to get someone out of their routine and step into a better work-life rhythm, while meeting a group of like-minded guys. These experiences consist of connection, growth, networking, and life changing experiences that happen organically in an authentic way. Kyle will also be taking his personal finance program and transforming it into a digital course so that it can be accessible to a larger audience! 

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