Lazaro Chavez, Known As Laz Chavez, Thought E-Commerce Would Just Be His Side Hustle. Now, He Is Teaching Others To Make Money From The Business

Lazaro Chavez, Known As Laz Chavez, Thought E-Commerce Would Just Be His Side Hustle. Now, He Is Teaching Others To Make Money From The Business

Targeted ads are usually not relevant or helpful to the person that they are targeted at. Normally, they are trying to get you to spend money or invest in something that will not help you later in life. When Lazaro Chavez, aka Laz Chavez, got a targeted ad while scrolling through Facebook, he thought, unlike the rest of us, to give it a try.

It was a completely random event. I got targeted with an ad about dropshipping on facebook and decided to reserve my judgement and thoughts until after I gave it an actual shot. I’ve always been all for trying new things, so to me it was just another fun project I could work on that may or may not work out. I had been reading a lot of business books around that time that made the transition from engineer to entrepreneur a lot more likely.” Recounts Laz Chavez.

Lazaro’s journey into the e-commerce world began when he was a student at Cornell trying to make a few extra dollars. He never thought that his job on the side to help increase his income during school would be a real source of income. Lazaro’s e-commerce store now sells products and other tools to educate others in the trade of dropshipping.

“I started with the simple intention of creating another stream of income. I was studying at Cornell to become a Mechanical Engineer but was looking for ways to make some extra money. I had just read Tim Ferriss’ “The 4 Hour Work Week” where I was first introduced to passive income and the possibilities that come from it. I think what makes us unique is that we had no intentions of being entrepreneurs previously, but when hit with an opportunity, we went along with the ride and ended up completely changing our lives.” Explains Laz Chavez.

A lot of what inspired Laz Chavez to get involved in this industry was his family and their struggle to make ends meet so that he could have a better life. Lazaro’s family immigrated from Cuba to the United States and had to work incredibly hard to ensure that Lazaro could live a better life. He wanted to prove that their efforts had not been in vain.

“My family inspired me to begin this business. They were immigrants who did whatever they had to so they could ensure I would have a better future than them. I wanted to give them and anyone around me a better life. Everything I have built was built on the foundation of those sacrifices they made when I was just a child. So I had to show them I wouldn’t take the opportunity they gave me for granted.” Says Laz Chavez.

Laz Chavez differentiates himself from others in that he ensures that his clients who are learning the ways of e-commerce from him, understand the reality behind dropshipping. There are often many schemes and falsehoods that are used to entangle people into the business of dropshipping without them getting any reward or succumbing to more debt. Laz Chavez wants to ensure that his students are aware of that.

“In the age of online gurus, I think we give our students more of an insider’s view as to what’s actually going on in this sphere. There is a lot of swindling, lies and embellishments everywhere so we pride ourselves on cutting the fat and giving our students the tools and knowledge to become profitable. Nothing less and nothing more. We make it clear that whether or not they succeed will be up to them, but also make it clear we will be right by their side to help them figure out whatever problems come up. We build communities so you can be surrounded by people with similar visions who are in similar situations. Learning from the guy one step ahead of you and teaching the guy one step behind is the best way to grow.” States Laz Chavez.

Laz Chavez is here to help people understand the world of e-commerce. You can follow him on Instagram @lazchavez, and you can check out his website at

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