Lizzy Molina Came Out Of College With A Plan To Follow Her Dreams. She Did Just That And Is Now A Successful Entrepreneur

Lizzy Molina Came Out Of College With A Plan To Follow Her Dreams. She Did Just That And Is Now A Successful Entrepreneur

Lizzy Molina graduated from college and began her dream work and job very quickly after. She threw herself into the world of independent public relations consulting. She caught the eye of a famous reality star and her career trajectory went upward.

“I graduated from college and my love for media and marketing led me to own and operate an independent public relations consulting firm since 2014. One of my first clients was a reality star Vanessa Cole for the Show WAGS! On the E! Network. Which led to me opportunities assisting clients in industries varying from NFL, MLB, NBA, entertainment and media publishing. My continued creativity and media contacts with networks such as E! and Bravo have contributed to my success and clientele list including; reality stars, influencers, bloggers, fashion brands and athletes,” Lizzy recounts.

Though her success is evident now, she struggled to break into an industry that was so male dominated. To conquer this, Lizzy tapped into her creativity that she knew had always been there and let it drive her and her new business. She also trusted in herself and her abilities. She never doubted that she was an amazing asset to her team, and that level of confidence helped her overcome whatever was placed in front of her.

“I have always been a creative bean. I could not see myself working in a structured corporate environment that did not allow me to express myself creatively. Being the assistant to a Mayor in Miami and having to follow orders from someone with no heart gave me the motivation to take a risk and start my own business and wake up and do what I love everyday. I rather work 80 hours a week for myself than 40 for anyone else. I began Thrown Media in early 2019. Thrown Media is an all inclusive boutique agency focused on creating and executing digital media through various multi-media channels. They thrive on telling the brand story by crafting the perfect video narrative that an audience will fall in love with. I’m very passionate about storytelling and understand that the client’s vision comes from a vulnerable place that’s waiting to be crafted into a masterpiece. My team consists of award winning creatives from videographers, photographers, editors, copywriters, producers, publicists, social media experts and more. I pride myself in the body of work I put out,” Lizzy states.

Part of what has made Lizzy rise to the top is her ability to produce content in a different way than many other companies in the industry. She always relies heavily on her team, who come from numerous backgrounds and bring their own level of expertise to the table.

“I don’t know another marketing agency that produces content the way that my company does. We have a team of award winning tv producers, journalists, video editors, copy writers, publicists and social media experts. We create a business model along with our marketing and branding campaigns. We are not just another cookie cutter marketing agency with the same menu as everyone else,” Lizzy says.

Despite the difficulties this year has placed on many people, Lizzy has big plans for 2021. She and her company are on the up and up even in these hard times. Here is just a sneak peak of what she has planned:

“We are finishing up the production & distribution of “Remaining Relevant” a docu-series produced by Thrown Media for a celebrity Interior Designer client. I am also Creative Directing & Producing Content for 2 Time NBA All Star Andre Drummond. Staring in a reality Tv show about Thrown Media (still in pre-production). In addition, we are releasing a Master Class E-course about Marketing/ Branding & PR,” Lizzy explains.

To find out more about Lizzy, you can follow her on instagram here and check out her website here

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