Lynden A. Weddas – From 524 Credit Score To 800 Club Minister

Lynden A. Weddas – From 524 Credit Score To 800 Club Minister

Lynden A. Weddas is a born leader and big picture thinker who enjoys empowering others to become the very best version of themselves. At a young age, Lynden stood out among his peers as someone who wouldn’t settle. He has worked relentlessly to set and achieve high standards. Throughout his multifaceted career as an engineer, teacher, pastor, and motivator, Lynden has touched and impacted thousands of lives globally. Now, he is on a mission to improve lives by providing credit empowerment and financial literacy that can be accessible to everyone. 

Throughout his more than 12 years of experience in higher education advising and enrollment management, Lynden has had the privilege of shaping exceptional leaders and creating strong relationships with prominent universities in the U.S. and the Caribbean. Despite having started at the very bottom, Lynden was able to build a six-figure career, which provided him with a great lifestyle. However, two years ago, his then 4-year-old daughter became ill with a rare condition called autoimmune encephalitis, which led to spending several months in the hospital. 

“At that point, I realized this great job was taking away one’s greatest asset–time–so it was time to step away and care for myself, my family and others in a much greater fashion. Now our daughter is fully healed, thanks to God, medicine and great medical professionals,” Lynden shares. 

Lynden went from a 524 credit score to the 800 Club, but had to step away from his job in order to regain his time with his family. Now, he is dedicated to teaching others how to futureproof their credit, finances, lifestyle, and legacy. Having poor credit and financial illiteracy in the past prevented him from gaining access to opportunities in his earlier years. This has allowed Lynden to relate to his clients on a more personal level and provide them with the keys to success. When asked about his inspiration to get started, Lynden shared:

“I was inspired to get into the industry after seeing my mentor and someone I consider a brother going from struggling to building a massive legacy while inspiring and elevating others. I always knew the power of credit and that the need for financial literacy was high, especially in my community. I graduated with 3 degrees, went to 3 colleges on full scholarships but had a 524 credit score. It was the most confusing experience I’ve ever had because I could not understand why I was never taught about credit or financial literacy.”

Despite having to work twice as hard as everyone else in corporate America, Lynden has learned to tune out the naysayers and put his faith in God and those who believe in him. To those who are facing these same challenges while trying to start their own business, Lynden encourages you to:

“Do it for reasons beyond money, because when the cash isn’t flowing, you have to keep going. Secondly, find a mentor — the right mentor can take you from 0 to 100 while not having to make the same mistakes that they made. Plus it is extremely important to be coachable, committed and passionate.”

Through his work in credit and taxes, Lynden continues to teach others to be quick on their feet, build and maintain impeccable relationships and trust in a short amount of time, and master the art of motivating, promoting, and influencing for the best return on investment. Throughout this year, Lynden will be making a massive expansion of his credit and tax business to all 50 states and territories in the U.S. 

“I’m on a mission to future proof 1,000,000 lives and legacies through credit and financial literacy,” Lynden shares.

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