Martin Eastwood Is Not Your Typical Entertainment Entrepreneur. He Wants To Put Customers First To Ensure The Best Experience

Martin Eastwood Is Not Your Typical Entertainment Entrepreneur. He Wants To Put Customers First To Ensure The Best Experience

Martin Eastwood is a face known by millions since he competed in the renowned TV show The X Factor UK, he also has been in his youth Dj and would tour the country earning money in events, has recorded some songs, and even directed a music band. But what perhaps few know is that since his childhood Martin had the flame of entrepreneurship very much alive in him.

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to start a business. When I was 11 years old, every Sunday, all the children played soccer. Meanwhile, I was at the wholesalers getting stock for my pop up store that I had set up at the front of my house. I would come home from school, set up a store in the front yard, and spend hours selling candy to the kids on the road. The entrepreneurial spirit in me has been there since the early days.” Martin recounts.

That spirit only strengthened and grew with the time and now, has led him to become not only the artist he once wanted to be, but as he says, also owning an entertainment company to do more with his skills

I realized that my path to success was not in being an artist, but in owning the entertainment company!” Martin exclaims.

Today Martin is the president and founder of a successful event and marketing company called Wide Variety Events & Media. Located in the city of Dublin, Ireland, his company manages over 200 events of all types from corporate events to weddings annually and as far as marketing is concerned they manage everything related to the online marketing of any type of business. Martin has worked with international brands, airlines, and even the Mayor of Dublin. In 2015, Martin built his first official business Wide Variety Events using self-taught online marketing strategies. 

I used Google and Facebook ads to generate a lot of sales. After seeing the success of my efforts, I launched a second business (Wide Variety Media) that helps other companies succeed by having me and my team manage their online marketing for them. We grow their audience and generate sales.” Martin remarks. 

Martin makes his company different and stands out from the rest because his goal is to focus on success for the client versus just focusing on the money for himself and his company. 

We focus first on the client’s success, not ours. Because when you focus on making your customers successful, you will be successful too. Martin states.

Wide Variety Events offers a wide range of services from DJ’s to Selfie Mirror Photo Booths to bright dance floors, wedding bands, photography, videography, and much more for all kinds of occasions. Martin says that there are great things to come in the future.

I am very excited about next year (2021) as I begin my real estate investment journey. I just turned 28 (I was born on October 6, 1992) and my goal is to build a property/investment portfolio of over 10 million Euros before I turn 40. I know that passive income is the way to achieve real wealth and I have been studying this for quite some time.” Martin comments.

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