Master Of Credit, Godwin Nwokocha Is Showing Others How To Utilize Their Credit To Start A 6-7 Figure Business

Master Of Credit, Godwin Nwokocha Is Showing Others How To Utilize Their Credit To Start A 6-7 Figure Business

Godwin Nwokocha was born in Washington, DC and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Godwin always had an entrepreneurial spirit and, from a young age, he built a series of businesses such as a landscaping business, auto business, and even Disc Jockey. While a few of his businesses didn’t work, Godwin views his failures as part of his journey toward success. Knowing that he was meant to do something different, Godwin got into Multi Level Marketing (MLM) during his freshman year of college while he was studying business and marketing. Later on, Godwin risked it all and dropped out of college to chase his dreams. He began an ecommerce journey, which led him to make his first 6 figures through mastering Digital Marketing. Now, at just 25 years old, he has launched his own successful credit repair business, Money Management Academy. As Godwin shares, his personal motivators have helped him achieve success: 

“My parents motivated me to get started on my entrepreneur journey.  I was tired of watching them trade their time for pay. I  literally watched my parents work a 5am to 8pm shift for 5 days a week & it always used to hurt me because I  know they weren’t put here on this Earth to work their whole life. So, when I was in college my sophomore year at University of West Georgia, I wanted to build a business that I could use to solve people’s problems, including my parents’.”

At Money Management Academy, they help consumers reap the benefits of great credit and purchase the home and car of their dreams by removing inaccurate information on clients’ credit report. Their mission is to help thousands of consumers understand how powerful credit is. In fact, as Godwin describes it, “Credit is one of the keys to success and it can open tons of doors from a personal & business aspect. Credit is king.”

“This is something that we should have been taught at a young age, but weren’t because it’s a powerful tool to use when it comes to purchasing a car, home or even getting high limit business credit cards to scale your business. So, I decided to start a credit repair company where I could be able to help consumers understand that just because you have negative items on your credit report, or even if you don’t have credit at all, there’s always a way to take your score to a 700+ and reap the benefits of great credit,” Godwin explains. 

Godwin admits his path did not come without obstacles. In fact, his bad credit score was what inspired to start this type of business in the first place. Once starting his business, he faced challenges with capital and duplication, being able to duplicate another version of himself to help him grow his business and stay focused. However, Godwin tells the story of how, through a positive and focused mindset, he was able to get past feeling stuck. By letting people in, and building a great team around his credit repair company, Godwin was able to grow, automate, and scale his business to the levels he wanted. When asked to share his advice for others starting their own business, Godwin stated: 

“My advice is surround yourself around people who are doing the same thing you are doing & NEVER stop learning!!  The number #1 strategy when it comes to business is consistency & faith. It’s very easy to start, the hard part is finishing. That’s why I always say that no matter what,  NEVER Give Up. If you’re strong enough to start then you will be strong enough to finish. Enjoy the journey to success.”

Throughout the rest of this year, Godwin will be launching a Media Agency called “All Purpose Media,” with the prime goal of building business and credit repair companies that are looking to scale their business to the next level with Digital Marketing. 

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