Meet Kayleigh Jae: A Woman Focused On Empowering Other Women Through Various Game Changing Businesses And Entrepreneurial Projects

Meet Kayleigh Jae: A Woman Focused On Empowering Other Women Through Various Game Changing Businesses And Entrepreneurial Projects

E-commerce is now more than ever, one of the largest investment industries. In many ways it has been driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought the large-scale advancement of companies that have had to create a digital presence in order not to lose sales.

Kayleigh Jae runs an e-commerce company, Elite Ecom, which focuses on wholesale and dropshipping on major retailer platforms like Amazon and Walmart. She also stands out in the world of fitness and bodybuilding after five years in the industry, growing companies to over 3 million and competing professionally.

Today, she focuses on Elite Ecom, which offers fully managed opportunities for their clients so they can build passive income while focusing on other things they want to spend their time on. 

“We have scaled accounts to 6 and 7 figures per month. We build packages for a wide variety of clientele. From someone with a 9-5 looking for side income all the way to a high level athlete/actor/investor looking for another 6 figure yearly passive investment opportunity.” Kayleigh says.

Kayleigh is also passionate about giving back to the community. She is a business enthusiast and loves helping women reach their full potential while inspiring them to achieve their goals. This is why she founded an organization called Women Empowering Women (WEW), an event and mentorship based platform that provides women with elevating opportunities.

I entered the investment industry at age 23, learning to trade currencies, make money online, and be surrounded by people who focus on building businesses on a daily basis.” Kayleigh shares. “At Women Empowering Women our main focus is mental health, physical health, and financial wealth. We help women reach their fullest potential in every way possible. We are a community that provides support, opportunity guidance, self development, day to day routine structure and resources with an inspirational environment. We have thrown multiple successful events at this point – helping thousands of women all throughout the US, from in person events to online mentorship training – giving all ladies the opportunity to experience the WEW Community. 

In addition to this, Kayleigh serves on the Field Advisory Board of a direct-sales company called FX3, which focuses on financial education by providing courses and mentorship on how to make money online from anywhere in the world, showing people how to leverage and capitalize on a multi-billion dollar industry.

Kayleigh also recently partnered as Director of Public Relations for Millionaire Mentorship, a multi-faceted platform that provides business education to the masses through a state-of-the-art platform. Their mission is to give access to the habits and mindset of millionaires by creating inspirational content and connecting students with 6, 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs.

Throughout her life, Kayleigh has always felt the flame of entrepreneurship burning within her and business was only a matter of time. That is why she has built multiple six-figure businesses with partners, in varied industries.

I always knew I would be an entrepreneur, but I had to find the right opportunity to fully excel with. I wanted to create something that was bigger than myself and that could help the masses win. Once I found that vehicle, I was ready to give it my all and run after what I had always dreamed of: freedom. What motivated me and keeps me motivated on a daily basis is knowing that I can enter everyday creating the life I love and help others do the same.” Kayleigh adds.

Overall, Kayleigh is passionate about seeing other women move forward to achieve their goals and conquer them. This is why she is focused on providing resources and opportunities. 

We need more women entrepreneurs in this world! I have always been fascinated by investing and learning how to save time by leveraging skill sets to produce more income. Not trading time for money, which is what most people do. That’s why I got into the two most important investment markets at this time, in the business world, Ecom & Forex. I am now using everything I have learned – to teach others how they can win from it as well. My main purpose in life is to impact, guide, give opportunity, and build communities where people can come together and achieve new levels, which is what led me to found Women Empowering Women (WEW) – and to partner with a platform like Millionaire Mentorship.” Kayleigh adds.

Kayleigh’s next projects include scaling Elite Ecom to multiple 7 figures, creating a platform for Millionaire Mentorship that helps them reach their goal of 250,000 members, and take her position in FX3 to new heights.

Find out more about Kayleigh and all her projects here.

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