Meet Lindsey Schwartz: The Woman Leading “Powerhouse Women,” A Company Working To Help Women Have Successful Businesses And Lives

Meet Lindsey Schwartz: The Woman Leading “Powerhouse Women,” A Company Working To Help Women Have Successful Businesses And Lives

In life there are times when we find ourselves carving our way not as we had imagined from the beginning. Over the years, we are faced with situations where we can discover talents and abilities that can help us overcome obstacles, as well as help others overcome their limitations.

Lindsey Schwartz has lived an experience somewhat similar to that described above. Today she leads Powerhouse Women–a community, annual event, and top podcast for ambitious women who want more in their lives. 

For Lindsey, it all started after she graduated from college and moved to Arizona in 2007. Once there, she started her “first real job” as a manufacturer’s rep for a flooring company.

I sold commercial carpet and unfortunately for me, when I finished my training year and officially started my career, the 2008 recession was beginning to hit. People my age were being laid off left and right in our industry, so it opened my eyes pretty quickly to the idea that I needed a backup plan.” Lindsey shares.

Accordingly, Lindsey started a health training business as a side job to build up some extra savings. As her business grew over the years, she found herself having conversations with multiple women who shared their own big ideas and business plans with her. 

In 2016, a friend of Lindsey’s proposed that she write a book. She did not consider herself prepared or qualified for it. At that time, she was running a blog about health and fitness where she published an article once a year. 

“I feared being judged by others. But after seeing so many incredible and capable women who did not continue to pursue their dreams because of fears and doubts I knew that if I wanted to help other women get out on their own, I had to be the first.” Lindsey says.

Lindsey ended up publishing her book “Powerhouse Woman: How to get out of your own way, fulfill your unique purpose, and live a powerful life” in 2017. Unexpectedly, the book ended up inspiring a much larger movement than she had ever imagined. 

Her book is what gave way to Powerhouse Women, the company she founded, which “is a community, annual event and a premier podcast for ambitious women who know they are destined for more. 

“I help women launch and scale their great business ideas through community and mentoring, with the motto that we are NOT meant to do business (or life) alone!” Lindsey says.

Powerhouse Women fosters a space for women to share their struggles and challenges as well as their successes and what helped them get there. This allows women to form a community and support each other.

“Entrepreneurship can feel extremely lonely, and if you’re only seeing the highlight reel of social media it can be easy to believe that everyone else has it all together when that couldn’t be further from the truth. I created the community that I was personally searching for as an entrepreneur, one where women are just as honest about their struggles and challenges as they are about their successes and what helped them get there. I think it’s important to share both sides of that story, so that the women who are just starting out know that they aren’t alone.” Lindsey explains.

Powerhouse Women is the perfect place for women to get the support they need in order to start a new business. People like Lindsey have the experience and know-how to help others. They know what women have to do in order to succeed and overcome limiting obstacles.

“Working on yourself and your mindset is crucial when starting your own business. Our own doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs will often be the biggest thing standing in our own way.” Lindsey adds. “As we say within Powerhouse Women, you’re not meant to do business (or life) alone. For that reason I believe the two most essential things for anyone building a business are 1) the community and 2) mentorship. You need to surround yourself with others who are on the same path and understand the unique challenges of starting and scaling a business. I believe that by having a community and a mentor, you establish yourself to have the best chance of creating success.”

Upcoming projects at Powerhouse Women include launching a Six-Figure School 12-week business mentorship program in the spring. This program is designed to help women launch, grow and monetize their big ideas.

In addition, Lindsey is also working on writing her second book. Find out more about her and Powerhouse Women here.

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