Mel Acquaah, Known As Sabathil, Took The Loss Of His Brother As Inspiration To Work Harder Like He Would Have Wanted. Now, He Is One Of The Hottest Hip Hop Artist Today

Mel Acquaah, Known As Sabathil, Took The Loss Of His Brother As Inspiration To Work Harder Like He Would Have Wanted. Now, He Is One Of The Hottest Hip Hop Artist Today

Uniqueness comes in many forms. Mel Acquaah, better known as  Sabathil, has all sorts of talents and characteristics that make him stand out from the crowd. As a music producer, he is used to being different from others and going against the grain.

“My uniqueness comes from many factors. Is it the designer clothes I wear?  Or the expensive cars I push? is it the beautiful home I live in or maybe the way I handle business these days just like the title of my HOT NEW SINGLE explains that there is absolutely nothing “Like Me” and I dare any artist to contest that.  I run my own label @sabathil720 that gives you the complete freedom to do music that way I need to do music, the way music should be, the way it should sound, the way you feel down to the way it touches your soul.  I feel that uniqueness in the industry is dead and it’s time for Sabathil to Resurrect it, I have the heart and the mindset to change things.  I’ve already manifested everything that I have desired and more and there’s not a damn thing no one can do about it. I’m here to stay and I’m taking on all competitors,” Sabathil explains.

He was inspired to get into the business by his brother, who unfortunately, passed away. He worked tirelessly with his brother, and knew that it was his brother’s wish for Sabathil to continue forward, so he did.

“My late brother Thaahum motivated me to start this business! He was my tag team partner when it came to music and now, I’ve been given a chance to take his knowledge and go as far with it like he would have wanted me too. He left me with a responsibility and I cannot and will not fail. This is destiny, this is my destiny, my journey to greatness and it’s being fulfilled by my words when I pick up the mic. Right now, I have the ability to share all kinds of knowledge that I have been taught by my late brother and I will expose all during my musical journey; I can’t stop for anything.  He gave me the fuel to never give up and to keep going till the end of time,” Sabathil recounts.

In addition to his uniqueness as a person, Sabathil is also unique as an artist and musician. His sound is different from many others, which helps him stand out from the crowd. He has also made his own label. However, he is not only in the music industry, but also has a heart for philanthropy and wants to help local communities.

“I stand out as an artist because I sound like no other artist.  I’m full of knowledge and mysticism. I took three steps to get it right for all my esoteric thinkers out there. My goal as an artist is to work with other artists or whomever wants to make magic creating music. There’s money to be made out there for all of us to eat. My most important goal as an artist is to see a lot less of our brothers dead and incarcerated. I know in my heart that if we all work together like a lot of other communities have done and are currently working with each other we can also have a piece of the pie ourselves but for some reason some entity does not want that to happen, so I want to break the curse and see my people come together and build better communities with safer living environments so our children can have a brighter future,” states Sabathil. 

For the coming year, Sabathil is working on his next album and is continuing to grind. The pandemic has not slowed him down at all and he is excited to show the world what else he has in store.

“My next project this year I will be working on my second album title coming soon. I have a couple of appearances at the breakfast club and will be doing virtual tours until we can have a normal society again. I’ve been taking advantage of staying home and writing a lot so I definitely have my plate full.  I’m also building a home studio that I’m really excited about since I’ve been wanting one for years.  This year my brother @ofori_gold_clothing will be doing business ventures together, with his clothing line and my music we are setting trends,” Sabathil says.

To find out more about Sabathil, you can follow him on instagram here.

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