Nate Moore Is The Consultant And Investor People Should Look Up To When Looking To Flip And Grow Businesses

Nate Moore Is The Consultant And Investor People Should Look Up To When Looking To Flip And Grow Businesses

There are times when a reading of a book or magazine will give us information that can completely change the course of our lives for better or worse. That is what happened to Nate Moore, consultant and investor.

When he was a child, Nate was very shy. He worked as a dishwasher during high school and college. When he was 19, he read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and decided to drop out.

“I purchased my first investment property at the age of 19 with no money down and flipped it and made $35,000. I flipped several more in the same time period.” Nate shares. “I then started to buy 4 plexes and holding them, and purchased my first business at the age of 22.”

Nate ended up quitting his day job as a General Manager at the age of 24. Overall, he went from dishwasher to cook to teacher to now CEO. He has acquired eight daycare centers, which he now manages. This means he runs the largest childcare chain in the state of Louisiana. 

I also acquired a struggling health care company about 5 years ago for $150,000. Now it is worth over a million dollars.” Nate says.

Now at the age of 35, Nate has a net worth of over millions of dollars with little debt and expansion plans in Northern Louisiana and Texas next year. He is also a public speaker and coaches leaders and entrepreneurs in mindset and leadership strategy.

I always had an inner voice telling me I could do more. This pushed me to seek out entrepreneurship. I was inspired to get into the industry after I realized that I possessed a skill for turning things around.” Nate adds. “So I contacted a business broker and shared my thoughts and interest in buying a business that was struggling. The industry didn’t matter. Because I kept my options open I was presented with this deal.”

Since then, Nate has managed MCIG, a consulting and investment firm that specializes in the acquisition of distressed businesses in the child care and health care industry, with several locations serving thousands of families. 

“Mindset is crucial when starting a business. I think it’s the most important part of the process. If you can’t convince yourself, you’ll always have to find someone else to be confident and motivated.”

Nate talks about his experience and lessons learned through his podcast, “The Nathaniel T Moore Podcast.” In each episode, Nate shares strategies, tactics, and great ideas, as well as motivation from his keynote speeches, to help give entrepreneurs and business owners the confidence they need to improve their lives.

“My advice for those trying to start a business is to read as much leadership and business material as you possibly can but make sure you take action on that new knowledge.” Nate says. “Knowledge equals confidence, so the more we learn, the more confidence we gain, and each person’s development is their responsibility.”

Having all this in mind is what gives Nate the capacity to see fear as an indicator that he is headed in the right direction, rather than a paralyzer. Similarly, he sees success as being able to identify purpose and talent.

Years ago, Nate was determined to attain financial freedom and live off the returns of his assets. He wanted to give to charities with no strings attached and have unrestricted time. Today, he has been able to turn around businesses with no lines of credit after banks rejected him numerous times.

“I don’t believe in competition. The clearer the vision, the less we have to compete.” Nate explains.

As 2020 comes to an end, Nate is gearing up to grow his corporate team by 100 percent. This will allow him to further expand his childcare and health care chain and help more people.

Learn more about Nate here.

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