Nicola Palacios Is An Ambitious Latin American Entrepreneur Who Helps People Achieve Financial Freedom: This Year He Wants To Reach A Million Clients

Nicola Palacios Is An Ambitious Latin American Entrepreneur Who Helps People Achieve Financial Freedom: This Year He Wants To Reach A Million Clients

Nicola Palacios is a Latin American professional businessman and entrepreneur who teaches people how to become leaders and achieve financial freedom. He is the pioneer of a different kind of business model.

I’m a network marketing professional focused on teaching people how to be leaders and developing huge networks that produce mass sales.” Nicola shares.

Not being able to lean on his parents for financial support at an early age, this motivated Nicola to seek financial freedom for himself, which for him means having a continuous and secured income that can sustain his basic needs and lifestyle without his active effort.

I was an extremely introverted and shy person, so I had to transform myself and grow from this identity to be successful.” Nicola says.

Part of his transformation included dedicating his time to reading and learning as much as he could about the different markets. Nicola understands that the knowledge he has obtained is not easily available for others, which is why he makes a constant effort to communicate what he knows to others. 

Nicola founded Delta, which strives to become a  global entity and be the #1 trading company in the world, reaching over a million clients. The mission of the company is to change (just like the meaning of the Greek word “delta”) the life of clients by focusing on three areas: financial stability, mental strength, and fitness and health.

Delta also has its own Podcast in Spanish, the “Delta Podcast.” On the podcast, Nicola discusses the many ways Delta works on helping their clients become “complete humans” based on their three pillars. 

“I was inspired to get into this industry given the residual potential and style of building it; traveling a lot, making friends, fun activities, and continually growing each other. All of this combined made it a very exciting, adventurous and fulfilling business.” Nicola recounts.

Now that Nicola is growing his businesses and helping others figure out their own personal financials, he has important information on what it takes to start a business. For starters, to teach people how to become leaders and develop huge networks that produce massive sales, people must have a strong mentality, but it is not everything.

“It’s extremely important to have the right mindset when starting your own business, but you don’t have to have it at legend or guru level. You need to have it just enough to initiate and push through the difficult early stages and then your mindset will continue to develop and solidify.” Nicola explains.

For Nicola, fear is an important factor because it can be an “indication” of where he needs to go. It can signal what is important to do or where there is little competition. In many ways, Nicola’s recipe for success includes facing all circumstances.

“My advice for those trying to start their own business is to not have an escape plan, and if you have it, eliminate it.” Nicola adds. “If you do this, your instinct to survive and thrive will kick in.”

The biggest obstacle Nicola has overcome is starting from zero in a new country. With persistence and a determined mental attitude to achieve financial freedom, he has been able to grow his own business and his name.

“Success to me is any micro step forward that you take towards your goal.” Nicola says. 

Nicola stands out from others not just because he is Latin American, but also because he is an effective leader and has become a respected mentor in his industry. Furthermore, he started right on time–he believes that starting a business early on is key to being successful. The best time to start is always right now. 

In addition, Nicola is different from other business professionals out there in that he knows how to prioritize his own personal life. Just like the mission of Delta–he knows that he has to care equally about his personal finances, his mindset and his personal development equally. 

“I try to focus on having a balanced life, like having a car with the tires correctly calibrated and with the right air pressure, so when you push the gas, you truly accelerate. I believe when you are balanced in life you go faster and further.” Nicola states.

Nicola’s projects for the rest of the year are to create 100 chairman leaders within Delta, to help the IM company to achieve a million customers worldwide, and purchase a couple of apartments in the city in which he was born. He wants to help create a community where people in his home city receive information on how to create their own financial portfolios.

If you want to know more about Nicola, click here.

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