Philip Isberg Is An Entrepreneur Who Sees His Success As Tied To Others. That Is Why He Tries To Ensure His Students’ Success.

Philip Isberg Is An Entrepreneur Who Sees His Success As Tied To Others. That Is Why He Tries To Ensure His Students’ Success.

Philip Isberg sees his success as intertwined with the many others that he helps around him. Instead of working to tear others down to  achieve his own success, Philip is determined to help others achieve the same level of success as he has through his ecommerce marketing programs and philanthropic projects.

“Once you become “successful”, whatever that is, you really want to see other people succeed as well. Some people build the highest building by tearing others down but true successful people build the highest building simply by building the highest building. I’ve been running an agency, my own ecom brands, coaching programs for just over 4 years now. And it’s been awesome living on my own terms, although there have been hardships, it’s all been worth it. But there comes a time when you realise more money isn’t gonna make you more happy and that happiness is the key to everything. So there is a switch in mindset. I’ve come to realise that there’s not one person on this planet without a dream and the only thing holding them back from going for it is how the system appears to be rigged against them,” Philip states.

Philip began this business because he knew that working for someone else was not for him. His entrepreneurial spirit was already evident in his young years as he began selling Coca Cola to his peers in order to make a profit.

“I’ve always hated the thought of working for someone else. I made my first couple of bucks as a 10-year old buying 24-packs of Coca Cola for $10 and selling them $1 per can. I then went on to hire my cousin to sell them for me so I could make profit while playing video games. So I’ve always had it in me. If it wouldn’t have been this business I still would’ve been working for myself. But starting specifically with marketing was a complete coincidence. I came across this guy just over 4 years ago that saw this drive in me and offered to be my mentor. He did just what I’m doing today and that’s when my eyes opened to the digital marketing world,” Philip recounts.

Like many new entrepreneurs, Philip struggled with people not buying into his dream when he first began. Though he never really needed the approval of others to get where he wanted in life, he still wanted the support. Despite this, he was able to become successful.

“My biggest obstacle so far has been people close to me not believing in what I do and condemning me for doing what I love. It’s not until the need of approval from others disappeared that I was able to do what I love fully hearted. Business obstacles are easy to overcome as they 9/10 times are a you-problem. Find a solution, change the way you percept things and you’re set. Personal obstacles are truly hard. As an entrepreneur, you are your business. So if you have an obstacle, your business will fatigue. A change in mindset is not only the fastest way to success, but also the hardest obstacle to face,” Philip explains.

For his next projects, Philip is launching a new dropshipping course in Swedish. He will be touring as well to inspire Swedish youth and entrepreneurs.

“I’ve recently launched a dropshipping course in my educational business in Swedish as I see so many swedes seeing what the american youth is doing, starting their own businesses but not acting as they think it can’t be done in Sweden. I’ll be touring Sweden, speaking at schools, empowering them to chase their dreams. Of course there’s always a couple of aces up my sleeve, but we move in silence,” Philip says.

To find out more about Philip, you can follow him on Instagram here. You can also check out his website here.

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