Pro2tect Is A Conservation Company Created By Darren Fryer Who Wanted To Join The Two Worlds Of Conservation And Technology

Pro2tect Is A Conservation Company Created By Darren Fryer Who Wanted To Join The Two Worlds Of Conservation And Technology

One moment in Darren Fryer‘s life changed everything for him. He was a college student leading a fairly normal life. He was studying business and noticing that what he saw in the real world was not matching up with what he was reading in his books. He decided to change the way he was conducting his life.

“My name is Darren Fryer and I’m 28 years old, born and raised on the island of Maui, Hawaii. My father was born in Maine and joined the army where he was stationed in S. Korea, met my mom in Seoul and moved to Maui before I was born. I grew up as a single child learning a lot of discipline from my parents with sports and school. Always at the top of my class or sports team I graduated in 2010 and moved to northern california to attend Humboldt State University and pursue a future with professional Soccer and an international business degree. After a few years of attending college and seeing how the world seemed to be going in the opposite direction from the business textbooks, I was studying I came across a facebook post from an old high school friend who invited me onto my first skype call with his business partner, an individual who was making a six figure income working online with network marketing while he was still in college,” Darren explains.

Darren explains that he had a very different life and mentality after this moment. He decided that relying on college was not the way for him to get ahead in life. Instead, he took himself in a different direction and jumped into a business lifestyle. 

“This conversation changed my life by instantly altering my perspective from relying on formal education and college to barely make a living to tapping into self education and personal development so I can thrive and design a business and lifestyle around my true passions in life. By the end of 2013, I made my first six figures online and started travelling the world, speaking on stage at events and filming my adventures for video edits! From 2016 on, I spent time living in Portland, Las Vegas, Costa Rica, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand until I decided to move back to my true home of Maui, Hawaii in 2018. After gaining immense knowledge, experience and networks from my world travels and the incredible individuals I’ve been blessed to connect with along the way, I was back on Maui with a whole new vision of what kind of legacy I wanted to create. Hanging out with the top network marketers in the US, top crypto founders and investors in Australia and Costa Rica and some of the most passionate/technologically advanced ocean conservationists in Thailand inspired me and set me up to want to one day combine aspects of all 3 industries for the greater good of protecting our Ocean successfully and efficiently!” Darren exclaims.

This moment was how his project was founded, known as Pro2tect. This business is an ocean conservation project that aims at cleaning the oceans. The business that Darren began also has an app that accompanies it.

“I run an Ocean Conservation business called Pro2tect. Right now, I have a free ios/android app in the works along with a crypto partnership with FXTE (Future X Token) to help find a way to tokenize and reward the behavior of people playing the free game and organizing nature clean up events in real life. The Token and ad revenue will fund the most futuristic technology out there to help us clean the ocean and convert all the trillions of pieces of plastic waste into a sustainable biofuel end product that can be used to replace petrol gas. The free app will be a game similar to one everyone already knows and loves except the theme will be slashing trash in the ocean and providing ad revenue that further pushes Pro2tect closer to our goal of getting the first of many PolyPetrol facilities in the USA to convert plastic waste we pull out of the ocean on our boats and trucks into a sustainable energy efficient and non polluting bio fuel,” Darren says.

Darren is different from many other conservation organizations because he is taking the world of technology and partnering it with the world of conservation. This is what keeps him on the cutting edge.

“I am ahead of my competition by being an innovator and going with the flow in a world where people are constantly attached. I’m confident that I am creating something that has never been created before so competition doesn’t even exist. I am working towards building something that eliminates competition in the conservation space and helps spread awareness and unite all of the major companies and nonprofits in the space. I see my competition as my collaborators. I know that there is no CEO or founder of an ocean conservation company with the network, experience, skillset and vision I have in this space so I pride myself in staying 10 steps ahead of the “competition”’ Darren remarks.

To find out more about Darren, you can follow him on instagram here and to visit Pro2tect’s Instagram, click here.

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