Roy Taylor Is Changing The Mentorship Industry With His Revolutionary New Social Platform Millionaire Mentorship

Roy Taylor Is Changing The Mentorship Industry With His Revolutionary New Social Platform Millionaire Mentorship

Roy Taylor, owner and founder of Miami Labs, is the pinnacle of the intersection between self-accomplishment and giving back. A successful American tech entrepreneur from California, Roy felt a calling to give back to his community, leading him to build a platform that has positively impacted over one million people. 

Roy’s altruism may have started in his early days as a self-made entrepreneur when he saw the power in personal development and personal finance, and how it can change lives. 

“I graduated from UCSB and started my first digital business as a senior in college. I went from being broke, unable to pay tuition or rent or food, to making $10’s of thousands of dollars every month passively. I pursued building software while traveling the world and building communities of entrepreneurs. I built multiple platforms to 7-figures, all owned by other people,” Roy recalls. 

After working for others, Roy decided to strike out on his own and move to Hollywood where he focused on investing in Bitcoin, making over $1,500,000 in cryptocurrency. All before the age of 27, Roy was networking with millionaires, billionaires, celebrities, & influencers, but he knew he would need to get away to truly focus on his work, which had now pivoted to software development, specifically iOS apps. Like everything he does, his apps were developed to help others develop their full financial potential. 

“In 2020, I created my first successful app called Millionaire Mentorship. Now, it has 10s of thousands of members in over 100 countries across the world. I am passionate about impacting people on a global scale, and plan to help 100,000 entrepreneurs excel in their business and personal lives,” Roy says.

Roy’s motivation to build a platform to support hopeful millionaires was unique in his field. In fact, many of Roy’s peers had never built anything similar, so it required a great deal of innovation to truly understand what this niche market would look like and require. Even though he was venturing out into unexplored territory, Roy’s passion for helping others kept him looking forward and headstrong. 

“I realized personal development is the most important thing that shaped my entrepreneurial career. Not only did it help me make more money, but it made me a better person overall. I knew I needed to find a way to share the advantages of personal development with more people, which led me to build Millionaire Mentorship,” Roy explains. 

Always one to lead the way, Roy always advises those looking to start their own business to do the same by finding something they love.  Growing up, Roy remembers loving technology – from video games to computers, he found it all fascinating. The appeal of having his own app is no different, simply another platform to have his ideas translated through tech. His ability to turn a childhood fascination into a way to make a living means he’ll never need to work a day for someone else. 

“It’s important to spend your life doing something you actually enjoy and care about rather than something you dread and hate,” Roy says.

It’s this mindset that sets Roy apart from the competition, and allows him to have financial freedom, which means he is able to travel, eat, and shop wherever and whatever he desires, all without thinking about how much it costs.

“So many people care so much about money. Instead of following that path, I focus on creating impact and significance in other people’s lives. I believe the more I give, the more I’ll receive,” Roy says. 

In the next year, Roy is preparing for his app to take off, with plans to take Millionaire Mentorship to one million members, and thereby creating the biggest entrepreneur network in the world. Millionaire Mentorship can be found at

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