TaxLady II Of Essex County, NJ: Honest Tax Prep Dedicated To Making Tax Season Less Uncertain

TaxLady II Of Essex County, NJ: Honest Tax Prep Dedicated To Making Tax Season Less Uncertain

Husband and wife Obi and Belinda Ndu created the successful franchise TaxLady II. TaxLady II of Essex, NJ is a true example of a well-run family business. Headed by Timothy & Tamara Grimsley, a husband and wife team, and run by a talented team of members throughout the US, TaxLady II of Essex, NJ is able to provide a suite of product services to their clients. Specializing in preparations of local & federal taxes for their clients, they ensure that every file  is giving the detailed attention that it deserves to meet IRS requirements. 

While TaxLady II of Essex, NJ is more than qualified & educated in tax laws and tax codes, when it comes to client facing needs, what sets TaxLady II of Essex, NJ apart is their genuine excitement to gain more knowledge on a continuous and annual basis. Their focus on reducing clients’ tax burden, staying ahead of the game in an ever changing industry, and giving maximum effort to each & every client to provide them with an unforgettable positive experience means their clients return again and again. 

If that wasn’t enough, once mastering tax preparation services, TaxLady II of Essex moved on to offer a breadth of legal services, including identity theft protection, financial consultation, financial strategy, wealth management, portfolio management, credit restoration/repair, trust & estate planning, will preparation & small business legal protection. With so much at their disposal under the same care and quality offered in tax prep, TaxLady II of Essex’s clients can be sure their legal needs are covered. 

TaxLady II of Essex’s philosophy to provide honest services is motivated by their knowledge that often in their industry, there are many dishonest tax preparers, self-centered & motivated by greed, who seek to take advantage of taxpayers and their unlearned knowledge about their taxes. Instead of following that path, TaxLady II of Essex treats every clients’ file like it’s their own, embracing any challenges that come with it. Their goal is to see their clients happy and without stress after they’ve fully taken advantage of all the deductions and credits that they are eligible for.

Beyond their motivation to be more honest and personable with their clients, TaxLady II of Essex sees the value in making tax season less daunting. They fully understand how a lack of understanding in tax prep can make it unnerving for clients. As a result, they make it their goal to give each client the individualized attention they need to ease their uncertainty and anxiety. This care manifests beyond tax season as TaxLady II of Essex develops a healthy relationship with their clients throughout the year, connecting via email or mail to send them birthday cards as well as holiday season greeting cards so clients know that they are always on their minds. 

Despite their experience and strong client relationships, some challenges are inevitable, such as the global pandemic. With their years of experience, however, TaxLady II of Essex is well prepared to tackle the upcoming tax season, despite the major changes it will bring. The “new norm” their clients are facing makes the pending tax season incredibly daunting. By trusting TaxLady II of Essex, clients can be assured that their taxes will be handled in complete compliance with CCD guidelines. Although personable one-on-one interaction is a cornerstone of TaxLady II of Essex’s business model, they are quickly pivoting to provide the same service through virtual means. They have taken necessary steps to re-enforce their cybersecurity and updated their devices to security standards. In addition, clients will have the option to still go to offices in person for traditional service. Their offices have been upgraded to ensure that the safety & health of both staff and clients is not compromised. TaxLady II of Essex is confident that they will have a safe, positive & productive tax year, in spite of the pandemic. 

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