Teaching People the Ins and Outs of Credit, The Credit Dude is Helping Thousands with Their Bad Credit So That They Can Get Their Financial Freedom Back.

Teaching People the Ins and Outs of Credit, The Credit Dude is Helping Thousands with Their Bad Credit So That They Can Get Their Financial Freedom Back.

Credit is a difficult thing to understand and a much more difficult thing to maintain. Unfortunately, many people are not taught how to build good credit and this negatively affects them for the rest of their lives, preventing them from making big financial purchases such as buying a house or a car. Thankfully, Jose Rodriguez, The Credit Dude, and his business, Got Credit?™ are here to help.

“I am the Founder of Got Credit? Which is a credit education business that assists people with maximizing their credit scores and helps business owners with building business credit to double their borrowing power to separate their personal and business credit,” Jose explains.

With Jose’s credit knowledge, he has been able to fix his own finances for the betterment of his family, but he realized that he could be helping so many other people as well. This inspired him to apply his knowledge, open his store, and help hundreds of people change their credit. In addition, Jose has achieved the positive externality of being able to spend more time with his family instead of working a traditional nine to five job.

“I started my own business so that I could provide something to my wife and daughter that money couldn’t buy, TIME!! I didn’t want my daughter to only see her dad at night or on the weekends or have my wife drop her off at daycare. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to witness all of my daughters major milestones and spend every day with my wife as we grow our company working from home,” Jose remarks.

Now a well established entrepreneur, Jose has been incredibly successful as have his clients. His talents and knowledge are essential when it comes to making important financial decisions. As an entrepreneur, he has grown his scope to new heights speaking at numerous venues to offer his advice and coaching. What started as just a family business has grown into a thriving entrepreneurship with over 30 employees.

“My biggest accomplishment thus far is being a speaker at the Cesar & DJ Envy Real Estate Seminars. This has allowed me to educate thousands of people on credit and at the same time, grow my company to where I was able to hire my entire family to assist me in changing people’s lives. Now I get to work closely with my wife, my mom, my two brothers, my sister, and two best friends from high school to empower the community through credit. We currently have over 30 employees and are expanding every month,” Jose states.

Though Covid-19 has been difficult in terms of how it has affected people’s businesses, now more than ever, people need help with their finances. This has led to a shortage of manpower to assist all the people that need help from Jose’s business, but he has been able to adjust to try and help as many people as possible. 

The biggest challenge during COVID was not having the manpower to assist all of our clients. Being that we couldn’t train anyone in person, we had to think outside the box and started training remotely. We implemented training videos & and online courses for our clients and employees to educate them on credit. Since March 2020, we have hired an additional 20 people to our team that all work from home as well, which still allows us to provide the best service possible,” Jose says.

With so many more people needing help, Jose has no plans to slow down. He has lots of interesting projects coming up for the rest of the year.

“My biggest goals for 2021 are to help all my clients obtain a 700+ credit score and then leverage their personal credit to become real estate investors and build business credit. I want my clients to be able to provide a lifestyle for their families that they only dreamed of by using their credit to help them get there. People think that they need to save $50,000 or $100,000 before they can invest or start their own business. But I want to change people’s mindset and to instead, obtain $50,000 to $100,000 in business credit to invest or grow their business which is a lot faster & easier than saving that amount, which can take years to do,” Jose details.

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