Tera Carissa Hodges Shows Us How To Build A Business Around Empowerment

Tera Carissa Hodges Shows Us How To Build A Business Around Empowerment

Tera Carissa Hodges has built her business around empowerment. Whether it be people, brands, ministries, or businesses, Tera’s focus is on identifying their story to further reinvent and build it to something great. Her strength in her personal and professional life is her originality, which allows her to stay ahead of the competition. As they imitate her and her business, she stays looking forward, knowing that as long as she has copycats, her competition will always be behind. 

“It’s innovators who make history, not knock offs,” Tera says. 

Tera offers her cutting-edge services through her media company, LR (Life Redefined). 

“My company is all about embracing where you are to get to where you are going through media: social media, traditional media, mainstream media, and faith based media. It’s built around my undergraduate degree; broadcast journalism while other businesses, projects, and professional endeavors are built around my post undergrad degrees, licenses and certifications,” Tera outlines. 

With her first professionally published article at age 16, it’s no stretch to say Tera has been writing all her life. Since then, she has always worked in media, and after seeing so many people around her not knowing how to reinvent their lives, brands, and media presence, Tera was quickly propelled to launch her company. Her belief that people should be in charge of their own self-image motivated her to help others find the same clarity. 

“Why would you allow a storm, the past, or anything that doesn’t positively impact you, define you? These things should never become your identity, or the main narrator of your life’s path, your ministry, your business, your media presence. I believe that people decide what they do to you. You decide who you choose to become afterwards,” Tera says. 

Even with a strongly defined self image, Tera admits that challenges will still come your way. One significant one is the struggle of keeping one’s vision clear, even as it changes throughout time. 

“While your vision may change or evolve as you go, as long as you’re clear on what it is at any time, you can accomplish anything,” Tera explains.

Alongside a clear vision, Tera instructs her clients to have a set mindset. 

“Your mindset has to be determined, committed, and focused. You may be laughed at, talked about, lied on, misjudged, criticized, or doubted. Despite this, I tell my clients that a person more committed to their vision than they are the opinion of people will accomplish their goals, in spite of, every time,” Tera says. 

When asked about fear, Tera again has an original approach to a normally very universal topic. To her, fear is equal to research. While some people encounter fear and run, Tera recognizes fear trying to introduce itself to her, and instead of running, she “interviews” it, asking and meditating on why fear has presented itself at this point in time. 

“What is it trying to protect me from? What is it trying to talk me out of accomplishing and why? I then use that information to fear proof my vision, my commitment by fortifying it with the information I have gleaned by answering those questions so if anything I “fear” comes up, the solution is already in place,” Tera explains. 

Her philosophy on fear comes through in her view on professional obstacles. By outrightly refusing to acknowledge anything or anybody as an obstacle, Tera reveals how much power we can give to the things that stand in our way when we see them as challenges/ Instead, Tera reframes these in a way that helps her grow. 

“ I refuse to acknowledge anything or anybody as an obstacle. That’s too much power to give anything or anybody. People may have wanted to become an obstacle. However, I see everything and everybody as an opportunity, or as my faith reminds me, a foot stool. The only thing anything or anybody can do for me is elevate me,” Tera says. 

This mindset allows Tera to stay on the path to success and financial freedom. 

“Success means one word: freedom. Freedom to work when I want and still not miss a beat in maintaining my desired lifestyle and stability. Financial freedom means stability, savings, and options,” Tera outlines. 

This December, Tera is excited to be launching her new project, House of Carissa. Be sure to check it out online, as well as her media company, LR (Life Redefined) Global Media Group.Follow Tera herself on Instagram to keep up to date with her newest successes.

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