Tiffaney Williams Teaches Her Students How To Live Strategically, Not Emotionally, Toward Meeting Financial Goals For Lifelong Success Free Of Fear

Tiffaney Williams Teaches Her Students How To Live Strategically, Not Emotionally, Toward Meeting Financial Goals For Lifelong Success Free Of Fear

Tiffaney Williams is a leading financial strategist with over ten years of experience in helping individuals gain financial freedom by restoring credit, building businesses to multiple 6 figures, and creating multiple streams of income opportunities. On top of that, Tiffaney is a Certified Credit Counselor, with a master’s degree in economics and over 10,000 credit repair success stories, and over 500 business testimonials. She is nationally acclaimed in the financial industry with over 20 features from highly syndicated news appearances, including NBC, USA Today, CBS, FOX ABC, Future Sharks, and more.

While this is impressive in its own right, Tiffaney accomplished all of this in a male dominated industry as a black woman, defying all expectations, and proving her individualism. What allowed her to rise to the top was that she sees herself as a coach of experience, not a coach of just book smarts and theory. 

“I mastered what not to do first so I could teach others what to do the first time. What makes me different is I understand the psychology of wealth strategies, which are to start mentally first. I coach from mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial perspectives, providing a well-rounded and therefore effective approach,” Tiffaney explains. 

Achieving such high levels of success comes from great motivation. For Tiffaney, she found motivation is being a voice for a voiceless. Many of the people with her same upbringing are labeled a statistic, but Tiffaney knew there was more to it, and that she could work to change it. 

“I knew in order to do better, I had to be better. I had my son Michael during my senior year of high school. I felt all my dreams had shattered. I quickly realized my son, the greatest gift of all time, wouldn’t be the reason my dreams shattered, and it wouldn’t be me. We must hold ourselves accountable and do what we say, be what we want, and obtain what we desire. My mindset has always been to focus on my focus,” Tiffaney explains. 

Tiffaney was inspired because she overall lacked knowledge, financial literacy, and money management. She wanted more money at the time, not realizing later on money was nothing to wealth.

“Coming from a low income family, I knew I had to level up, because my heart desired being rich, not knowing it to be more than the kind of “rich” than what you see on TV. Now, I am inspired to inspire others. My goal later was to teach my community what I now knew and understood. I wanted to teach and educate my community so they can make sound financial decisions to their benefit,” Tiffaney says. 

Often, Tiffaney believes, people overthink and try to live a perfect life without mistakes. This is actually an emotional way to live, because it’s motivated by a fear of failure. Tiffaney believes we need to live strategically, rather than emotionally, to be fulfilled in our daily lives. 

“You have to execute and be okay with knowing there are always going to be bumps in the road. The experience of losses teaching us lessons are what creates a dynamic entrepreneur. Someone who can go through the journey of entrepreneurship and still make it to the finish line, will find success a million times,” Tiffaney says. 

It is this attitude that separates Tiffaney from the competition. She doesn’t worry about others in her field, as she sees this as a waste of her energy and time, if they are even competition at all. 

“There are over 4 million people in the US alone. With those numbers, I only have time to focus on looking for people that are looking for me.  I focus on being goal oriented, self motivated and results driven. I don’t just solve one problem, I solve massive problems,” Tiffaney says. 

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