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Top 30 Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2023

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In a world full of new ideas and driven by big dreams, entrepreneurship is a powerful force that’s shaping how things are now and how they will be. This spirit of starting businesses and creating things isn’t just about making money – it’s also a symbol of making things better and causing big changes. Right now, in 2023, we’re in a time where entrepreneurs are changing not only industries, but the whole world.

The “Top 30 Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2023” are individuals who exemplify the fusion of creativity and determination, whose ventures transcend traditional boundaries to tackle global challenges. The following visionaries inspire us with their audacity, disruptiveness, and unwavering commitment to making a lasting impact.

Chris Groves

Instagram: @ceogrovescapital

Christoffer Groves is a successful serial entrepreneur, who is leading the way in the lending industry. He is also a motivational speaker, his tour is called The 110% Movement helping others achieve their goals through a successful road map and a positive mindset. Always having a passion for entrepreneurship, even starting businesses from the young age of 16, it’s no surprise that Chris started his own business and a successful one. After working as a real estate agent, appraiser, and broker he learned the ins and outs of the industry. There were aspects he didn’t like, but he took the liberty upon himself to make a solution. This is when he and his wife started Groves Capital Inc., a family owned mortgage company, with the lowest rates in the industry. His greatest accomplishments have been growing from 2 people to 575 over 5 billion in loan production in less than 3 years on his own, creating a family feel where everyone works together to help others  become successful, and much more. This year Chris plans to provide the best platform he can for each of his partners to help them grow and thrive, all while keeping his company standards to 5 stars. 

In 2023 he added commercial lending to all 50 states’ platforms partnering with private billion dollar funds and launched a new solar division in 27 states in the changing markets he has pivoted to capture the market’s attention. Chris has changed the lending model through software Innovation and system developments that are new age at every level.

Dr. Cameron Lewis

Instagram: @drcameronlewis

Many people have a singular event that ends up defining who they want to be for the rest of their lives. For Dr. Cameron Lewis, this was his fateful trip to South Africa. He knew growing up that he wanted to be a doctor, but didn’t know which kind. When he visited an emergency facility in South Africa, he took particular notice of the many people who were holding their jaws in tooth pain, and from then on, he knew that he wanted to help people by becoming an Oral surgeon. Now, he runs a corporation called Cameron Lewis, LLC, specializing in oral maxillofacial surgery in New York and Connecticut traveling to different general dentist practices bringing his services to people in need. Dr. Lewis’s personality, which consisted of open-mindedness allowed him to adapt to the medical field and is now assisting hundreds of people across the United States. Dr. Lewis will continue his legacy by giving back, uplifting, encouraging, and empowering every young person to persevere in order to get to their dreams. 

Malik Davis

Instagram: @malikdavis211

Malik Davis is a financial credit consultant with over twenty years in the financial services business. He is a mentor to entrepreneurs and credit consultants and the go-to credit guru for today’s celebrities. Over the span of his career, he has helped thousands of individuals regain their financial freedom and change their lives. Often, people come to Mr. Davis with credit scores of less than 600 and within a short time frame, their scores increase to over 750. He is an expert at removing blemishes and inaccurate, erroneous information from consumer credit files. By improving consumer credit re- ports, Malik Davis empowers families, individuals, and communities to Break the Chains of financial despair. Learn more and get started at www.MalikDavis.com and www.YourCreditGuru.net. Ig icon: @MalikDavis211 FB icon: MalikDavis211

Clark Bartram

Instagram: @clarkbartram

Clark Bartram is a successful entrepreneur with a unique mission. Clark specializes in guiding accomplished male entrepreneurs towards a transformative journey: the quest for a finely tuned physique radiating vitality and driven by naturally elevated testosterone levels. Through his exclusive program, The Anabolic Optimizer System, Clark has become a masterful orchestrator of life-changing transformations.

Clark’s approach stands apart from the conventional. Instead of asking clients to adapt their lifestyles to fitness, he meticulously crafts bespoke regimens tailored to their distinct lifestyles. Moreover, he fosters a supportive community of like-minded individuals, a cadre of gentlemen who bolster each other’s determination and fortify their commitment to embracing transformation. With Clark Bartram’s guidance, clients venture beyond mere success, forging a harmonious synthesis of accomplishment, well-being, and perpetual advancement.

Pascal Bachmann

Instagram: @pascalbachmann_official

Pascal Bachmann is an entrepreneur who has been making waves in the business world since he was 22. Though he has started seven different businesses in the past 30 years, his hallmark business is Strategy Achievers, where he helps top entrepreneurs, public figures, influencers, and celebrities strategize their businesses and lives. After realizing the pressing need for strong brand awareness through strategic media placement, Pascal launched a new program for brands seeking to increase brand awareness and attain business growth. For many, Strategy Achievers is one of the best PR and Marketing Agencies worldwide. To learn more about Pascal or his new book with Legend Brian Tracy, follow him on Linkedin or here

Chris Hypnotic

Instagram: @mrchrishypnotyc

Chris Pinilla, widely known as Mr. Chris Hypnotyc, is an exceptional businessman and entrepreneur. As a Latino immigrant, he arrived in the United States at the age of 11, driven by the dream of achieving success and making a positive impact on others’ lives. From humble beginnings, Chris rose from sharing a room with his mother to becoming a proud homeowner, establishing a highly successful marketing firm collaborating with major artists and brands.

His remarkable contributions led to invitations to prestigious events like The Billboards and Grammy Awards, recognizing his positive influence on society. In 2022, he launched the podcast “El Brunch Online,” showcasing stories of successful individuals overcoming adversity.

Community engagement is close to his heart, actively giving back through initiatives like the Energía Tour and collaborating on education and cultural projects.

Chris’s dedication extends beyond his community, tirelessly uplifting the Latino community, ensuring equal opportunities for all. His accomplishments have been highlighted in prestigious media outlets, and he currently owns SWM Group, a Multimedia Marketing Company, and Bachata Brunch DC.

In addition, Chris excelled in the media industry as a captivating radio host in Washington DC for La Nueva, a charismatic TV host at Telemundo, and the skillful Social Media Director for the Baltimore Ravens en Español.

Through his work in various fields, Chris continues to inspire countless individuals with his perseverance, compassion, and determination, making a positive difference in the world.

Ron Arutyounian

Instagram: @ronarutyounian

Ron Arutyounian is a successful entrepreneur known for leading multiple 7-figure business ventures and positively impacting over 300 employees’ lives. His expertise shines in various areas, notably as a successful first-year real estate investor. Ron excels at spotting undervalued properties, renovating strategically for added value, and fearlessly taking on risks – all driving his success. In the realm of real estate, he’s a specialist in mortgage origination, particularly for luxury home purchases. Ron’s commitment and honesty have positioned him as a reliable guide, helping clients achieve their dreams of owning lavish homes.

Beyond financial achievements, Ron’s influence extends to fostering economic growth and creating jobs, benefiting many individuals. He measures success not just in numbers, but in the meaningful impact he brings. Through his actions, Ron showcases that genuine accomplishment comes from positively influencing others.

Manuela Escobar

Instagram: @toyinvades

Manuela Escobar creator of Toyinvades is a highly accomplished artist & entrepreneur from Colombia who has made a name for herself in a variety of industries at just the age of 23 became the youngest Latina immigrant under DACA, to have risen from humble beginnings to establish a thriving mural business and help others start there’s as well  . Her success is attributed to her strategic blend of branding, marketing, and content creation,   Allowing her to not only outpace competitors but also to captivate the Miami art scene . She has  taken the Miami art world by storm. Putting up 100 murals last year, Manuela has used her entrepreneurial mindset to expand into live art events, business installations, content creation, web 3, NFT’s ,  and integrating technology and art, as well as designer clothing. Toy will continue to invade, follow her on Instagram to keep up with her journey.

Jaime Lopez

Instagram: @jplopez4

Jamie Patrick Lopez is a young serial entrepreneur who owns a trucking company called JPL Transport, INC., and a brokerage under JPL Enterprises. He has been in the trucking industry for 8 years now. Some of his greatest success is building a 7 figure business by the age of 25, and overcoming adversity being a young entrepreneur.. Even during the hard times of the pandemic Jamie was able to adjust during that time and still have a successful business, and he prides himself on being able to provide employment opportunities to many people. Jamie is proof that no matter what your age is you can become a successful entrepreneur. JPL Transport is on track to do 8 figures this year. In addition, the company was also awarded fasted growing trucking company in Southern California.

Anastasia Primo

Instagram: @anathebrandengineer

Anastasia Primo  is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with six years of experience. Her career journey has taken her from startups to multi-billion-dollar corporations and top-tier agencies. She developed a unique documentation process that empowers founders to effectively communicate with their teams. Her approach provides clients with the vocabulary needed to convey their vision to developers, marketers, and designers, streamlining the creative process and reducing launch timelines by an impressive 30%.

Anastasia’s brand, Step1 Strategy, is dedicated to helping founders achieve their goals by bridging the communication divide within their teams. While initially designed for human teams, Step1 Strategy is now evolving to meet the demands of an AI-driven world, working on innovative tools that expedite launch timelines while maintaining brand authenticity and precision.

Her inspirational journey began with limited English skills upon moving to the US at 15. Now, at 24, she’s a multilingual marketing expert, martial artist, entrepreneur, and community leader.

Anayansy Hernandez

Instagram: @anathemarketer

Anayansy Hernandez is a marketing trailblazer with an unconventional path. Beginning her journey as a Public Relations major at the University of Florida, she mastered the art of storytelling and the importance of design in effective communication.

Her unwired career took a detour when she joined Teach for America, where she innovatively taught students in challenging environments, uncovering the psychology of information processing. With her acquired skills she moved on to become  a trusted source for creating curriculum under a Foreign Assistance Branch of the US government. These experiences transformed her into a gifted communicator

Today, Anayansy excels in simplifying complex information and helps companies share their messages effectively. Her remarkable journey from education to marketing has made her a trusted force in launching businesses into the world.

Jado Hark

Instagram @iknowjado

Jado Hark is a real estate mogul that runs The Elite Agency, which provides its clients with high value on the residential, commercial, and investment real estate markets. In his first year as a broker, he received an award as “rookie of the year.” His main accomplishment is helping families find homes and accomplish the American Dream. This continues to drive his agency, especially after COVID-19 impacted so many people. This year, Jado is also looking to grow his investment portfolio, while continuing to help his investor clientele flip houses and generate good returns.

Luis Carreon

Instagram: @papillonyachtsloscabos

Papillon Yachts Rentals Los Cabos, spearheaded by its professional captain and owner, is a leading yacht and boat rental company offering an unforgettable, all-inclusive experience in the stunning locale of Cabo, Mexico, catering primarily to US, Canadian, and Mexican tourists.

Within a short span of three years, they expanded their fleet from a single boat to an impressive thirteen. Their dedication to providing unparalleled service has garnered glowing reviews, securing their position as the #1 yacht and boat rental service in Cabo on TripAdvisor, proudly acclaimed as ‘the best of the best.’

Papillon Yachts Rentals Los Cabos excels in stress-free, client-focused excursions. They provide roundtrip private transportation, an open bar, food, water toys, and onboard photographers for a customized experience. With exceptional customer service, their top reviews on Tripadvisor and Google highlight them as the go-to choice for a Cabo adventure.

Laura Camargo

Instagram: @lauracamargor

Laura Marcela Camargo Ramirez is the driven founder of the brand Legalmente Laura and holds a Ph.D. in Law, specializing in Family Law and Human Rights. As a lawyer with a master’s in journalism, she’s concluding her doctoral studies in law at Bogotá’s Universidad Javeriana. Growing up with journalist parents, she has ingeniously fused law, social media, and radio to provide pro bono legal aid, focusing on democracy, women’s roles, and indigenous children’s rights.

Laura is also a dedicated and specializing in law and journalism, working tirelessly to ensure the welfare and progress of her country. In 2023, Laura pursued advanced studies at the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies in Washington D.C., a prestigious institution under the US Department of Defense. Additionally, during the same year, she actively participated in the “SOUTHCOM Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Course” in the United States, further highlighting her commitment to advancing women’s rights and global security.

Joel Newman

Instagram: @NewmanInvestmentsLLC

Joel Newman, a versatile entrepreneur based in Florida, excels as a licensed realtor, specializing in profitable sales and property renovations. His interests expand beyond real estate to encompass talent management, luxury car sales, mentorship, credit restoration, and marketing.

Originally from Miami’s Carol City, Joel’s journey from entrepreneurship to facilitating roundtable discussions with high net worth individuals marks significant milestones. He recently achieved a breakthrough by pioneering artificial intelligence for autonomous trading in futures and large-cap stocks, resulting in a crucial meeting with a hospital CFO and partners. Joel’s ambition also extends to motivating and inspiring others, using his unique background to demonstrate achievable success even in challenging circumstances.

Alex Pazos

Instagram: @alexpazoslv

Alex Pazos is a real estate entrepreneur and investor dedicated to helping people invest in real estate through financial education. He has developed VECTRA Home Loans, a platform within mortgage lending, to make mortgage access more straightforward. VECTRA Home Loans has enabled hundreds of individuals to enter the real estate industry.

Among Alex’s achievements, VECTRA Home Loans stands out with its rapid growth and the opportunity it offers loan officers to build careers within the company. He continues to expand opportunities for those seeking real estate investments. Alex’s vision birthed Vectra to streamline the mortgage process using cutting-edge technology, ensuring efficiency and speed. Currently, Alex is working on a book that shares the power of mindset and execution across life’s domains, aiming to provide actionable reprogramming guidance for all.

Fernanda Arriaga Vales

Instagram: @goodlookmexico

Fernanda Arriaga Vales is a Mexican entrepreneur and Co-Founder/CEO of Good Look Mexico, a leading digital platform for at-home makeup and hairstyling services across Mexico. Passionate about innovation and simplifying systems to meet essential needs, Fernanda believes that looking good empowers individuals of all genders, boosting confidence and enabling them to conquer challenges.

Good Look Mexico partners with over 800 certified makeup artists and hairstylists, offering high-quality services for any special occasion. Fernanda’s notable career achievement is establishing this business model throughout Mexico, delivering top-notch, certified beauty services to clients’ doorsteps.

With an eye toward the future, Fernanda plans to launch Good Look USA later this year, starting in California, Florida, Texas, and New York. The forthcoming expansion promises to bring the platform’s exceptional makeup and hairstyling services to a broader audience across the United States.

Hector David Guzmán Ríos

Instagram: @david_guzman_mkt

Hector David Guzmán Ríos is a Mexican marketer, entrepreneur, insurance advisor, and representative of professional mixed martial arts fighters. Through crafting memorable buying experiences, he ensures impactful brand recall and high-impact sales.

His career boasts over a decade as a champion in life insurance sales and the establishment of Master Fighters, a company that has rapidly grown in just a year. Beyond promoting mixed martial arts and Muay Thai, it offers exclusive fighter apparel, sports supplements, and soon a fully-equipped gym to nurture top-tier fighters on an international scale. David Guzmán’s endeavors expanded into the restaurant industry, owning three restaurants in Mexico City and Cancun. His story exemplifies the art of diversifying across various business domains.

Daniela Estacio Ospina

Instagram: @ladoctoradaniela

Daniela Estacio Ospina is a Colombian dentist and the founder and creative director of “Gaphant,” a uniform brand that is revolutionizing the attire of healthcare professionals. Established four years ago, Gaphant aims to positively impact the image and professional brand projected by doctors, recognizing the significance of attire in their practice.

With the motto “to be and to appear, to convince,” Daniela believes healthcare professionals should not only excel but also appear confident. The brand’s notable achievements include rapid expansion into several countries alongside its esteemed position as a premier uniform brand for healthcare professionals in Colombia. Gaphant’s differentiators extend beyond aesthetics, encompassing fabric technologies like fluid resistance, sun protection, anti-static properties, and wrinkle resistance. 

John Barbosa

Instagram: @soyjohnbarbosa

John Barbosa, known as “The Billion Dollar Mentor,” is the driving force behind a thriving business that has been dedicated to providing personal, professional, and financial growth training for the past 7 years. His passion lies in equipping his students with the tools necessary to unlock their full potential.

With a background in Business Administration, John has also earned master’s degrees in Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro Influence, and Clinical Hypnosis. He has honed his expertise by learning from some of the most influential figures in the field of human development and personal growth.

Over the years, John has guided over 100,000 individuals across more than 10 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Bolivia, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, and Dubai. Today, his most sought-after seminar is “The Million Dollar Happiness,” a transformative experience that combines financial methodologies with leadership tools to empower individuals to dominate their markets and excel in their respective fields.

Genesis Nieves and  Iravid Nieves

Instagram: @Decolovers

Genesis Nieves & Iravid Nieves have transformed the world of balloon decor since 2012, revolutionizing the industry with Balloon Bouquets. From Caracas to Miami, they’ve created stunning balloon art, even setting a Guinness World Record for the largest biodegradable balloon phrase. Their story of perseverance was captured in the Emmy-winning documentary “My Sister.” Collaborating with celebrities like Ozuna and Nicky Jam, they achieved approval from the Florida Department of Education to establish the first Balloon Decorators Institute. 

Their achievements include obtaining educational recognition from the Florida Department of Education for their Balloon Decorators Institute, breaking a Guinness World Record, serving celebrities, and sharing their journey through an Emmy-winning documentary. Genesis and Iravid redefine balloons as an art form, elevating their profession’s status and dispelling misconceptions about balloon decoration.

Laila Shawli

Instagram: @Lailas_makeupp

Laila Shawli is a Saudi Makeup artist dedicated to empowering women through beauty. Her brand is a reflection of her commitment to making women feel confident and beautiful. With a keen eye for detail and a flair for creativity, she has carved a niche for herself in the world of beauty and makeup.

Throughout her career, Laila has achieved remarkable milestones. Notably, she has collaborated with prestigious publications such as Vogue Arab and Hiya Magazine, showcasing her exceptional skills and unique artistic vision. Additionally, she has lent her talent to news outlets like Al Arabiya News and Sbc News, further solidifying her reputation as a sought-after makeup artist.

Her true passion lies in making brides feel confident and beautiful on their special day, creating unforgettable moments. Laila Shawli’s talent and dedication continue to make a significant impact in the world of beauty, inspiring women globally.

Barbara Corcoran

Instagram: @barbaracorcoran

Barbara Corcoran, Founder of The Corcoran Group & Shark and Executive Producer on ABC’s “Shark Tank”Barbara Corcoran’s credits include straight D’s in high school and college and 20 jobs by the time she turned 23. It was her next job that would make her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country: She borrowed $1,000 and quit her job as a waitress to start a tiny real estate company in New York City. The Corcoran Group, the largest and best-known brand in the brokerage business, building the largest and best-known brand in the business.

Carl Wu

A Blackstone managing director turned entrepreneur, Carl Wu has staked his ambitions on the future of China’s fledgling private health care industry. As CEO and founder of New Frontier Group, based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and president of New Frontier Health, an NYSE-traded company, he led the $1.44 billion acquisition of United Family, China’s largest private hospital group, through a SPAC in 2019. New Frontier’s growing portfolio of hospitals are located in China’s largest cities and are known for their premium service. In all, the company, which also runs rehabilitation centers, home health and telemedicine services, and a health insurance brokerage, reaches several million people a year. Wu is betting that China’s growing affluence and aging population will fuel demand for high-quality health care for decades to come.

Nick Molnar

Nick Molnar is the co-founder of Afterpay. As a young serial-entrepreneur, Nick’s vision for Afterpay was to create a global payment solution that would allow consumers to pay for things they want and need over time, using their own money. As a millennial himself, he recognized that his generation has an aversion to credit cards and compounding debt.Nick launched Afterpay with his co-founder, Anthony Eisen, in Australia in October 2014 and listed the company on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2016. The company expanded into the U.S. in May 2018 and soon after, expanded into Canada, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. As of June 2021, Afterpay had more than 20 million customer accounts in the United States alone and was offered by more than 100,000 merchants globally.

Jeremy Joice

Jeremy Joyce inherited his love of food from his mother, who as far as he remembers was always making things from scratch. On Saturdays, when the rest of his family was sleeping in, Joyce was in the kitchen early, learning to cook alongside his mom. Fast-forward to 2021, and Joyce has now dedicated himself to food through his company Black People Eats, which highlights the best food served at Black-owned restaurants in different cities. The brand, which Joyce started in 2017, has more than 100,000 Instagram followers and also includes YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok accounts. The company’s mission: to help users find the best appetizers, meals, and desserts served at Black-owned restaurants. Joyce, who until January worked at Northern Trust Corporation in Chicago, recently took to running Black People Eats full-time and is currently working on rolling out a social media show.

Chris Bell

Chris Bell is leading one of the fastest-growing unicorns in one of the hottest areas of e-commerce right now: rolling up all the burgeoning online retailers that sell on Amazon, Mercado Libre, and other marketplaces and giving them the firepower to get much bigger. Bell’s Boston-based Perch, which is only 22 months old, has quickly grown its portfolio to include more than 75 brands—from athleisure to teeth whiteners—and recently landed $775 million in funding led by SoftBank to help finance its next phase of development. Bell, a veteran of Bain & Co. and online furniture company Wayfair, says that Perch’s business model is predicated on offering these up-by-your-bootstraps brands the technology and global operations expertise that will vastly improve marketing, manufacturing, and order fulfillment.

Warren Buffett

Instagram: @officialwarenbuffets

Warren Buffett is one of the richest men in the world, and known as an incredible investor and businessman.Buffett started out in the business world at a very young age, and was in fact only 11 years old when he bought his first stock. He’s come a long way since then and has achieved a lot within his lifetime. Although, this book, arguably one of the best entrepreneur biographies, goes into more detail than just his achievements in the exciting world of business, but more about the man himself. His opinions, his work, struggles, achievements and wisdom are all revealed in ‘The Snowball’.

Garret Camp

Instagram: @garretcamp

Camp  is a native Canadian entrepreneur who is famous for his ground-breaking technology ventures. His best-known companies include Uber and StumbleUpon (now Mix), both of which he co-founded. Camp is currently chairman of Mix and a founding partner of business incubator Expa, through which he funds start-ups. One of his latest projects is Eco, originally intended to be a cryptocurrency but now a personal finance/investment app. He has launched several companies, but he’s best-known as the co-founder of Uber. In 2008, he and friend Travis Kalanick were attending a conference in Paris and trying, one winter night, to find a taxi. “What if you could request a ride from your phone?” the two chilled entrepreneurs asked each other. From there, the pair developed a smartphone app that let people tap a button and get a ride from a fleet of circulating cars. The first Uber ride took place in San Francisco in 2010.

Brian Chesky

Instagram: @bchesky

Chesky is an American entrepreneur who started Airbnb—an online service for booking accommodations for travelers—along with his partners. He also serves as the CEO of Airbnb, and was listed in Time magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People of 2015’. Chesky began his journey as an entrepreneur during his college days when he used to run a hockey team. When his hockey team was canceled at the last moment, he and his teammates began rebranding their team. They transformed the team and brought a new mascot as the team’s logo which helped to revitalize it. On a similar note, he got the idea for Airbnb in 2007 when he faced some financial difficulties. Chesky and his roommates needed cash so they decided to rent their apartment. Ultimately, this led to the birth of Airbnb which grew gradually and gave better opportunities to travelers looking for a place to stay. There are many reasons for his success and one of the most important reasons is the fact that he gave more importance to his customers and the services they needed rather than the ideas of the developers.

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